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Monthly Archives: February 2018

‘Pretty’ is an attitude + a spring dress 3 ways

Spring often has us thinking of beauty—flowers, soft colors and sunshine. We clean our homes, freshen up our closets and gravitate to “pretty” things.

But what about a pretty attitude? Are we chasing that too?

When I think about people who are truly beautiful, looks come second to kind and gentle personalities. Naturally, we can all rattle off the names of Hollywood stars we think are gorgeous.…

Ingenious DIY earring holder

Have you ever gone to grab your favorite pair of earrings, only to find them buried in a twisted, tangled web?

I’m not sure “hot mess” goes quite far enough when attempting to describe the complete disarray that was my previous jewelry storage solution. I had a small silver box and tossed everything inside. Fortunately, there is a better way—and you can make this beautiful earring holder yourself!…

Spring fashion refresh: Items that pull double duty

I don’t know about you, but when February rolls around I feel like spring can’t come fast enough! 

Winter really drags this time of year, so I’m looking ahead to the change of seasons with a wardrobe refresh. When I shop, I like to shop smart. I try to make my purchases strategically, meaning anything over $40 must pull double duty, functioning for both work and play.…

Five key elements for a restful master bedroom

Have you ever stepped into a space that just oozed tranquility, where you instantly felt calm? It’s no accident—it’s by design. This soothing master bedroom started off as a bland box with a rather low ceiling, but careful color choices, cozy textiles and the right furniture choices have transformed it. Add in an unexpected DIY touch, and it’s now a welcoming sanctuary.

This master bedroom retreat is my mother’s latest renovation.…

Mom style & finding YOU again after baby

I think my mother said it best. “You seem happy,” she noted, studying my face carefully. “But the ‘sparkle’ is missing.”

Sparkle? It sounds vague, but deep down I knew what she was talking about. You see, my mother knows me better than I know myself. She picks up on the things I’d never say aloud. It’s as if she can read my internal monologue.