How to style a bookshelf like a pro

There is nothing better than a great bookshelf or étagère (the French term for a set of hanging or open shelves used to display collections) to add warmth to your room. But bookshelves can also look like a cluttered, frenetic mess if you’re not careful. Have you noticed when reading design magazines or touring parade homes that the most stunning rooms always have well-edited shelves? It’s not by accident!

Here’s a step-by-step guide to achieving that carefully curated look.

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  • Start with an elegant and graceful shelf, then shop your house for display items

If you’re lucky you have built-ins. If not, these stunning bookcases will make your room! You can find my exact shelf here or this nearly identical one now available for $200 less (you lucky ducks). You can also get a matching console or side table to round out the look, so pretty! The classic lines and neutral coloring will work in any room. Plus, they can really play up a high ceiling. I’ll admit, I was a little nervous buying online without seeing these in person, but I’ve been nothing but happy. Visitors always compliment them.

(This if off topic, but since I first posted this a lot of people have been asking me about my chandelier. It’s the Layla from Ballard Designs and is by far my favorite thing in my home.)

Next, go through your home looking for objects of interest. You’ll want a variety of shapes, sizes and heights. Make sure you have something sculptural, like a vase or art piece. You can use this as a bookend. Another must have is something natural, greenery or a flower arrangement.

  • Now, it’s time for the books

Beautiful hardcover books, especially old books, look best. I try to find books in similar tones and shades. You’re looking for colors that will complement your room. Check your local library for “Friends of the Library” book sales. This is a great way to scoop up gorgeous hardcovers for $1 or $2 per title. Another trick I use… If you don’t have enough in the right shades reverse the book and face its end toward the wall. This gives you a cohesive, subtle look.

  • Begin arranging your books using a variety of orientations & place large objects

I like to stack some books flat, 3 or 4 high. Others I lean vertically. Beautiful sets I showcase upright in their full glory. Pots, clocks, sculptures or flower arrangements can anchor your books. They will be what really catches the eye.

  • Add art, frames, candles and greenery

Begin to nestle in your remaining objects on top of books or to the side. Strive for a variety of heights and remember the rule of threes (things arranged in odd numbers are more appealing, memorable and effective in arrangements). This will give you a layered look.

Step back often to eye your progress and play around with your display. Do you have items that are similar, for example two metallic things, too close together? Don’t be afraid to edit something out. Simplicity is elegant. I moved these items again and again before I was satisfied (my husband thought I was nuts).

Finally—and this is crucial—work in your greenery and natural elements. Greenery adds life to your space,and if you are a fan of a neutral palette like me, it adds a pleasing touch of color.



  1. Victoria Martin | 11th Jan 18

    Love the article!! You should be doing a show or magazine. So impressed!! Has Linda seen this?

    • laveremis | 11th Jan 18

      Wouldn’t that be fun, a girl can dream right? Yes, she has. We’ll be partnering on creating some of these pages.

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