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VIVAIA Shoes: Give the Gift of Sustainability

Man, I’ve been looking at my feet a lot lately… Why, you ask? C’mon, do you really have to ask? It’s the shoes of course! This pretty little block heel from VIVAIA shoes just radiates elegance. Better yet, it’s eco-friendly. We’ll get into those details in just a second, but first I wanted to explain the purpose behind this post.

As a style blogger, I test out a lot of brands/products in the hopes of helping you sift the lackluster from true winners.…

VIVAIA Review: Stylish and Sustainable Shoes

It’s like walking on air… Can you imagine heels, boots, and darling flats that feel as good as your slippers? VIVAIA is the kind of easy-wearing shoe you’ll love so much, it will quickly become the first thing you reach for in the morning. To be frank, I snagged them because they are beautiful. They fit my elegance-focused aesthetic to a T. The extreme comfort factor was an unexpected bonus, as was the fact VIVAIA flats are machine washable (more on that below).…