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Clear Bags for Football Games + What’s in Mine!

One of my favorite things about blogging is sharing genuine solutions to common problems. For instance, gameday bags… Ladies, let’s kiss the 1-gallon freezer bag good bye! Stylish clear bags for football games DO exist. In fact, some are so polished you’ll want to use them all the time. But I know you have questions – What exactly does stadium-approved mean? What are my options for sizes?

Purdue Style: Taking Boiler Pride Beyond Game Day

Whether you are a student at Purdue, work at Purdue, or simply call yourself a fan—there’s something special about injecting Boilermaker pride into your wardrobe. The black, gold and “Motion P” forge a sense of connection. They offer a unified way to wear our hearts on our sleeves. On game day, it’s easy to nail Purdue style. Head down to the campus bookstore, grab your favorite hoodie or logo t-shirt, and you’re set.…