Valentine’s Day Looks: When Versatility is Key

Anyone else hate spending money on something you’ll only wear once, or ⁠— at best⁠— a handful of times per year? Who wants clothing that just sits in your closet, waiting for its designated moment in the sun? Holiday attire is often like that. It’s fun at the time, but its themed nature can quickly limit its usefulness. That’s why I pulled together a few versatile Valentine’s Day looks.…

How to Host a Wine Tasting Party

A great party is all about stirring conversation and connecting with each other, so why not do it over wine? One of the most memorable parties I’ve ever attended was an in-home wine tasting. It was at my aunt’s house. Always the consummate hostess, she wanted to try something different for her loved ones and decided to host a wine tasting party.

She invited each guest to bring a bottle they’d been dying to try, served beautiful food to accompany it, then invited us to weigh in on the merits⁠—or failings⁠—of that particular wine.

4 Reasons Failure Is a Good Thing

Social media has a knack for sanitizing our lives and making everything look easy. We talk a lot about our wins. We cover the highlights, the vacations, and the dreams fulfilled. So let’s talk about something that is decidedly not easy⁠ — failure. When is the last time you experienced it? It certainly doesn’t feel nice. But the more I reflect on it, the more I realize failure is actually a good thing!

Vacation Styles: My Most ‘Asked-About’ Looks

When you’re flying a budget airline, you’ve got to choose vacation styles strategically. Can you skirt by with just a “personal item” or do you have fashions that are well worth the $2o carry-on fee? Bet you can predict my answer! Vacation should be fun. Consequently, I wanted to share the two key items I always pack for warmer climates. No matter how tight my bag is, these pieces make the cut!…

Sweater Dresses for Every Body Type

This Midwestern gal hates the cold. However, I adore the cozy styles that ward it off. Consequently, today’s post – a sweater dress spectacular – emerges from a conversation with a friend. “I love the look of sweater dresses, but they can be kinda hard to pull off,” she said. I hear you girl! While there are certainly sweater dresses for every body type out there, it’s not always easy to find the right style for your particular frame.…

Best [and Worst] Career Advice I’ve Ever Received

I’ve never been a huge New Year’s resolutions person. However, I do find myself getting reflective as the year draws to a close. It’s a great time to take stock of your progress toward your goals, your strategies for reaching them, and the reasons behind those dreams. In fact, this line of thinking had me reminiscing about the best ⁠— and worst ⁠— career advice I’ve received over the years.…

Last Minute Gift Ideas: How Far Can You Stretch $100?

Yes, this post is about last minute gift ideas. But first… if you’re stressing over the holidays, worrying you waited to long to begin shopping, or feeling any sort of budgetary pressure, I want to start with a REALITY CHECK.

You’ve got time. You don’t need to spend a lot to show you care. In fact, in our overly scheduled world, many loved ones simply want your presence, not presents for Christmas!

Holiday Hairstyles: Working With a Braided Headband

When it comes to my hair, I’m a creature of habit. I rarely mix it up. But there’s something about the holiday season that seems to give us a nudge toward glamour and experimentation. Are you looking for new holiday hairstyles? Perhaps something party-ready? I just found the most amazing hair tool – a braided headband! [Video tutorial above]

I spotted it on another gal and assumed it was her natural hair.…

News Anchor Outfits: The BEST of Amazon Dresses

Strike a pose? More like strike a bargain! Today’s quick post is all about rounding up the best of Amazon dresses. In particular, it focuses on highly recommended styles for news anchors/reporters. These bargain finds are all under $40 and offer classic workwear styling. The clean lines, flattering shapes, and screen-friendly colors will serve you well whether you work on-camera or off. And we’re just in time to score some added Cyber Monday discounts!…

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree Like a Pro

You know that “wow” moment, when you walk into a department store decked to the nines for Christmas and the holiday season? It’s almost like the trees — each perfectly themed — are calling to you for a closer look. They’re lush, unique and beautiful… true works of art! Wish you could recreate that magic and whimsy? This post details the tricks interior designers use during the holiday season.