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Shapewear 101: Why and HOW to wear it

Before we dive into Shapewear 101, I want to tell you about one of my news nightmares. Why? It illustrates one of my key points about shapewear and explains precisely the reasons I swear by it for professional events.

I’ve just finished an on-set interview and return to my desk feeling rather pleased. That segment went great, I think to myself. Then, my producer rushes over with concern in her eyes.

What to wear for a presentation: A style guide

There are two things in professional life sure to make people cringe… 1) public speaking and 2) figuring out how to dress for that speech. I have good news. Neither is as onerous as you might think! You just need the golden rules and a few insider tips. So, allow this former news anchor to help you out. I’m going to walk you through my public appearance playbook, using my good friend Katie Cramer Brownell as an illustration.…

7 steps to a successful career change

If only successful career changes were as easy as the seasons…

Like the trees shed leaves, we’d gracefully shed our old roles, marshal our way through winter’s challenges and emerge ready for rebirth in spring. However, life is more complicated than that, isn’t it? Change is tough and uncomfortable. To be honest, I hate it!

It requires putting ourselves out there, learning new skills and re-framing our personal narratives.…

How to look better in your clothes: Four TV styling tricks

I’m a firm believer that when we look good, we feel good. A strong sense of personal style, a perfectly tailored dress or suit, even a killer pair of heels can empower us with confidence. We feel bold and assertive, ready to take on the world. But you don’t need to spend a lot—or anything for that matter—to capture those feelings. You just need a firm understanding of how clothing works on the body. …

How to deal with competition: Four key strategies

Looking over your shoulder is a good thing.

It’s rare to find someone who wants competition, but let’s be honest… we need it! Competition helps us grow, learn and evolve. Whether in life, athletics or the job market, rivals push us to hone our existing skills and develop those we lack. They drive us to look inward, dig deep and rise above challenges or setbacks.…

How to survive and thrive working the night shift

After spending the majority of my work life starting my shifts at 2 a.m., waking up with the sun always feels like a luxury. Millions of Americans work the night shift—reporters, law enforcement, hospital staff and truck drivers—but keeping “vampire” hours is a huge adjustment. Trust me, I’ve been there!

As a morning news anchor, you not only need to survive the overnight shift, you are required to look happy and perky while doing it.…

The way we report matters: Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade and ‘suicide contagion’

I like to think most news outlets and media publications approach their work with an ethical compass. TMZ’s is clearly broken.

Unfortunately, mainstream sources aren’t doing much better. Yes, I know TMZ is a tabloid. I understand its business model is fueled by click bait. But I had hoped—even in those murky waters—there would be some level of journalistic decency in suicide reporting. I thought wrong.

How to dress for a TV appearance

Are you preparing for your first on-camera experience? Congratulations! This is an excellent opportunity to share your message and expertise with a new audience on-air and online. Worried about how to dress for that TV appearance? Don’t be—You’ve got a former news anchor in your corner. I have a decade of experience dressing for the camera and am eager to share a few pointers.…

Please don’t say ‘Happy Memorial Day’

If there’s one thing news anchors—usually inexperienced ones—do that makes me cringe, it is wishing people a “Happy Memorial Day.” For those of you who have a military member in your family, you probably know where I am going with this. For those who do not, allow me to explain.

Too many people conflate Memorial Day, a time to honor the sacrifices of Americans who have died in combat, with Veterans Day, in which we thank veterans for their service.…

Amazon dresses: 5 things to know BEFORE you buy

 I never imagined I would become a fan of online shopping, especially when it comes to clothing.

As a very short girl (under 5′), I’m not exactly sample size. Consequently, the fitting room is a close personal friend. I prefer to try things on multiple times before making a purchase—much to the annoyance of those I’m shopping with. Sorry, but garments that work well for the vertically challenged are tough to find!…