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How to Wear Fall and Winter 2022 Color Trends

Do you switch up your color palette with the seasons? There are certain colors I always gravitate toward in autumn (like my dress above), but I also want to keep my wardrobe feeling current. That means I keep a casual eye on the runways, but more importantly I try to inject fall and winter 2022 color trends into my wardrobe. So what’s trending… and how can we make those runway styles wearable for real life?

Classy vs. trashy: A message for young women

There are a lot of labels I’m comfortable with, but there’s something about the word “sexy” that sets off alarm bells in my head. I just don’t see myself that way. In fact, I’m going to counter popular culture by saying I don’t want to be sexy. Sophisticated? Yes. Classy? Definitely. Alluring and mysterious? Sure. So, let’s talk for a minute about what’s classy vs.…