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Monthly Archives: June 2018

5 reasons you need an LBJ (little black jumpsuit)

Ask any woman to recount the important items in her closet and she will undoubtedly mention her LBD, or little black dress. Well, I’m beginning to think a LBJ (little black jumpsuit) is as much a modern wardrobe staple as the LBD. It’s one of those pieces that will offer instant sophistication. On-trend but not over the top, it ensures you stand out for all the right reasons.…

5 fitness & diet ‘rules’ that changed my body

When it comes to diet and fitness, I’m a firm believer in lifestyle changes. I want to make lasting improvements in my health. I don’t count calories, nor do I track steps. Instead, I maintain a general awareness of what goes into my body and make sure to balance that out with exercise. My approach to losing the baby weight was much the same, however I did develop a few “rules” that made a big difference.…

Body after baby: Getting your confidence back

Of all the adventurous things I have tackled in my life thus far, I can tell you—definitivelymotherhood tops the list. As I write this, we are approaching Hudson’s first birthday. This little guy brings so much joy, challenge and change (for the betterto my life. He is truly a blessing! A number of you have requested a post regarding my postpartum fitness journey.…

The way we report matters: Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade and ‘suicide contagion’

I like to think most news outlets and media publications approach their work with an ethical compass. TMZ’s is clearly broken.

Unfortunately, mainstream sources aren’t doing much better. Yes, I know TMZ is a tabloid. I understand its business model is fueled by click bait. But I had hoped—even in those murky waters—there would be some level of journalistic decency in suicide reporting. I thought wrong.