MM LaFleur Jardigan: Worth the price?

mm lafleur jardigan review 2024

Classic. Comfortable. Versatile. When an “old faithful” in your closet gets a delightful new update, you can’t help but wave in approval. Today’s post will dig into one of my all-time favorite workwear pieces, its latest iteration, and how both can simplify your morning routine. The MM LaFleur jardigan has been a staple in my closet for years (think blazer styling with cardigan comfort). Now, the brand is offering that sleek styling in a sleeveless silhouette.

Looking to fashion a capsule wardrobe? Need help streamlining your closet? Curious about why MM LaFleur has such pull with professional women?

We’ll unpack all of that… as we investigate whether the MM LaFleur jardigan is worth its price point.

mm lafleur jardigan fabricJardigan | Mariner Jeans | Bodysuit | Bag

MM LaFleur Jardigan Review

So… What is a jardigan?

This garment is precisely what it sounds like – part jacket, part cardigan. It’s stretchy yet structured. You can expect traditional lapels, slight (and removable) shoulder pads, and a resilient knit with very subtle ribbing to it. The fabric is ideal for travel, as it resists wrinkles and you can wash it (more on that below). In fact, I pack my MM LaFleur Jardigan on nearly every international trip!

Those trips tend to be work-related. I teach university courses abroad. Therefore, I need to look professional while living out of a backpack. The jardigan is a perfect solution. The viscose/nylon/spandex can take a beating and still look fresh.

The other thing I appreciate about the jardigan is the fit. This piece skims over your hip area, visually slimming your lower half while defining your waistline with the belt. If you are looking to minimize your tummy area or hips, the MM LaFleur jardigan almost feels like sorcery… It’s that flattering!

MM LaFleur Jardigan Features

  • Resists wrinkles
  • Stretchy, yet structured
  • Hand-washable
  • Removable shoulder pads
  • Fitted, flattering silhouette

mm lafleur workwearJardigan | Mariner Jeans | Bodysuit | Bag

I’m wearing MM’s newest jardigan offering, the Anh, in the photo above. Here is the traditional long sleeve version called the Merritt Jardigan. Keep scrolling for examples of the long sleeve version on me. I love the original it so much, I own the Merritt in three colors. It’s stylish, easy, and versatile. Precisely what I look for in my teaching wardrobe. You can read my full review of MM LaFleur here.

Is the MM LaFleur jardigan washable?

Breaking news everyone! Yes, even though the tags on your MM LaFleur jardigan say dry clean only, you can hand wash this garment. Per the brand, its team conducted extensive fabric testing and found jardigan fabrics do in fact respond just fine to hand-washing with delicate detergent. The MM LaFleur crew learned this after it had already printed labels, which explains the current discrepancy.

MM LaFleur ReviewsMerritt Jardigan | Button Tank | Bag 

Best of all? You can style this multiple ways

Looking for that formal, traditional look? Belt your MM Lafleur jardigan as I did above. Prefer a more laidback vibe? It also looks beautiful open and relaxed. I prefer to tie the sash behind me to add additional shape, but you don’t have to. The jardigan has belt loops, but you can easily remove the belt.

Here’s a look at it styled open… The look below features one of the brands more traditional jardigan colors, latte. Other options include navy (which I have and adore), black, ivory, dark elm, and chocolate. I wear the XS.

MM LaFleur and Honest Review

Any cons? MM LaFleur Jardigan Review

As delighted as I am with the MM LaFleuer jardigan, I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about two downsides of the piece. My goal with these review posts is to offer you as much detail as possible, so you can make the choice that’s right for your lifestyle and fashion preferences.

Consequently, I want to talk about sleeve length. Obviously, it’s not a factor with the sleeveless Anh style… but it is a drawback with the Merritt (if you’re petite). At 4’11, I’m used to sleeves being a bit long. They’re definitely on the long side with the Merritt. If you look closely at the model photos on MM’s website, the sleeves are even long on the model. Additionally, they bell out ever-so-slightly at the bottom.

Ultimately, sleeve length wasn’t a deal breaker for me. The cuffs are easy to fold up – and I’m used to doing that with every blazer I own. I actually think they look sharper turned up!

reviews mm lafleur jardigan

The other thing to be mindful of with the MM LaFleur jardigan is fabric snagging. Although the jardigan fabric is fairly rugged, it is possible to snag the fabric. The week after I owned my first jardigan, I caught my ring on the fabric and left a slight mark. Not a huge deal. However, with an investment piece, it’s helpful to know how to care for it.

With the cons out of the way…

Would I still recommend it? 

Oh yeah – and I’m not the only one. The brand has sold more than 50,000 MM LaFleur jardigans, so the proof is in the pudding. This is a garment that works for working women. It also comes in extended sizing. Still not petite offerings, but I’ve got my fingers crossed.

For me, the best part of MM LaFleur’s jardigan knits is their versatility. They come in classic colors, classic silhouettes, and have the comfort-factor you want.

Is MM LaFleur Worth It?

Very much so! Consequently, when I have those mornings where I don’t know what to wear… or I pull something on and I’m not feeling it… I reach for my jardigan. It’s a forever piece that works for all occasions.

By all occasions I mean, over a dress for work, paired with jeans for play, and with a pencil skirt for date night. The best part of this piece is the amount of latitude and leeway you have while styling it. It works with everything!

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