A Mother’s Day love letter & gift guide

Mothers Day

I’ve always thought my mom was superwoman—selfless, capable and confident.

But until I became a mother myself, I didn’t fully understand the depth of her love. I knew she sacrificed a lot for our family. I knew she always put me first. However, after tasting the challenges of parenthood myself, I have a far greater appreciation for what she has done for me. The worries, the sleepless nights, the “mom guilt,” the challenges of juggling work and family life—mothers are truly incredible!

So, to my mom and all the mothers out there, THANK YOU.

I try to let my mom know how much she means to me every time I see her, but on Mother’s Day I like to write it down. Usually, it’s a card, note, or something handmade. This time, it’s online. Since my mom has been one of the biggest supporters of this blogging adventure, I thought it would be appropriate to sing her praises here.

I firmly believe the most meaningful Mother’s Day gifts, don’t cost a cent. What does mom really want? Your time, your help, your hugs. That said, my mom isn’t one to treat herself, so I like to find something special too. Need ideas? I’ve got a gift guide below.

But first, I want to introduce you to the most amazing woman I know. Mom, this is for you! (Dad, you’re pretty incredible too)

Mother's Day Mothers Day

Thank you for always lending your ear and your heart

My mother and I have one of those rare relationships where she is equal parts mom and best friend. We finish each other’s sentences, share the same interests, and know what each other is thinking long before those thoughts are verbalized. You are my sounding board, my support structure and the best listener I know. No matter how busy you are, you make time for me. I promise to do my best to share that same empathy and understanding with others.

Your creativity and ingenuity inspire me. 

Thank you for putting a crayon in my hand at an early age, for letting my imagination run wild, and encouraging self-expression through art and the written word. You are a such gifted artist, interior designer and creative thinker. I am eternally grateful that you shared those passions with me. You have trained me to appreciate the beauty of nature, to notice small things like the play of light across the lake or the wind whistling through the trees. Because of you, life is brighter, bolder and brilliant.

You are the ultimate cheerleader

I may have been the one on the sidelines with pom poms, but you truly know how to inspire your team’s success. You raised me to believe I could achieve anything, provided I worked hard enough. However, I was never alone in my efforts. Whether it was cheering at the collegiate level, pursuing a TV career, buying a home, blogging, or raising a family, you are always ready with ideas and advice. When I screw up, fail, or fall, you’re there too, with encouragement and consolation. Thank you for being the woman, mother and friend I want to emulate. I love you!

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 

My mom loves the water and the beach, so I try to find gifts that take her to her “happy place” or would be useful up north. Does your mom enjoy nautical, beachy things too? She might like these goodies!

Sun Hat


Round Beach Blanket

Beach Totes


Beach-inspired Accessories



  1. Victoria Martin | 1st May 18

    What a great tribute to her Lindsay!! That was the best gift ever!

    • laveremis | 2nd May 18

      She hasn’t seen it yet—I think I’ll save it as a surprise 🙂

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