Chicwish Review: An Honest Look at The Brand

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Ah, flower fields and dreamy dresses… I’m not ready to give up on summer splendor just yet! Does anyone else feel like the summer months just vanished before our eyes? Thankfully, we still have plenty of warm weather left here in Indiana. So, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite feminine styles, plus a much-requested Chicwish review. I share a ton of styles from this company. Consequently, I get plenty of questions about it from you guys.

Thinking of giving this online retailer a whirl, but feeling a bit hesitant? This post is for you. I’ll cover everything a first-time buyer should know, including your questions.

Can I trust Chicwish? 

Yes – an emphatic yes! This is not one of those scammy websites where you order something and what arrives looks nothing like the photo. I understand your caution. Ugh–They are the worst, right? You would not believe how many of those sites are springing up right now. At least 5 have emailed me in the last year, looking to collaborate.

Nope. Not going to happen. I only write about fashions and brands, I am authentically drawn to and genuinely wear. That’s where Chicwish comes in. I enjoy it so much, a good quarter of my closet is from the site… and that’s no exaggeration! In fact, I’m such a fan, you might occasionally find “you know who” on Chicwish’s website and social media…

chicwish review an honest look at the brandPleated Sweater Dress

But let’s get back to YOU dear reader… If you’re drawn to feminine styles, love unique details and fabrication (e.g. crochet/lace/ruffles, and want something you won’t see everyone else wearing, it’s worth a try. You’ll also enjoy its moderate price point. Beautiful, well constructed dresses typically sell for $50-70. Rarely is anything over $100. For quality comparison, think ZARA, LOFT, or Express.

Shop The Look

Dress (c/o Chicwish) | Skirt in Same Print| Earrings | Hat | Wedges

I’ve been collaborating with this brand for nearly two years now. In that time, I have tested out just about everything – skirts, jackets, sweaters, and rompers – so I can offer a pretty thorough Chicwish review. Is every single item a total hit? No. But I adore a good 98 percent! That’s a better track record than I get with department store brands. And in those rare occasions when I don’t completely love something, it’s usually a minor issue – not a deal breaker.

For instance, this linen-blend dress… It captured my heart immediately. It’s positively beautiful! The print is happy, the fabric is a great weight, and the open bow-tie back offers that distinctive touch. It also has smart design features, like multiple button settings to adjust the length of the strap.  However, the sides tend to gape a bit. Do I still wear it regularly? Yes. I just use a bit of double-sided fashion tape for a more flattering look (I’m wearing the XS).

Chicwish review - summer splendor

Chicwish Review: What is the sizing like?

Don’t make the mistake of simply ordering your regular size. As an international retailer, Chicwish sizes can run a tad smaller/shorter in length than what you’d find in a department store. However, Chicwish makes it abundantly clear how items will fit. Its sizing guide is really detailed. In addition to waist/bust/hip measurements, it also lists dimensions for shoulders, sleeves, and length. This is a godsend for those of us who routinely face sizing challenges (I’m 4’11 – far from sample size).

You will also find the model’s measurements and the size she is wearing on the website. Chicwish garments run true to the brand’s sizing guide. Read this information carefully and you should never have an issue. Case in point, this 100 percent cotton dress. Normally, I shy away from buying midi or maxi styles online. They either drag on the floor or hit me at an awkward, unflattering spot. With Chicwish, I can order longer styles with confidence. That length measurement lets me know exactly how they will fit.

Chicwish review

Aptly called the Summer Edition Button Down, this piece couldn’t be more comfortable. It’s that versatile type of day dress you can wear running errands, to a family picnic, or traveling. It offers relaxed chic, unpretentious yet polished. I have gotten so much use out of it!

Chicwish review

Chicwish review - Is it legit?Dress (c/o Chicwish) | Earrings 

How about shipping and returns? 

Chicwish isn’t Amazon fast, but shipping is timely and dependable. I’ve never had an item take longer than two weeks to arrive. You will get a tracking link for your shipment via email once it has shipped out. As far as returns go, I haven’t had to send anything back, so I can’t speak from personal experience. However, I do know the policy. You have 30 days (from the date your order is shipped to you) to make returns, but you do lose the shipping cost. Chicwish provides a shipping label, then deducts $8 from your refund payment to cover transport costs.

Dress notes — I call this my “Fiesta Dress” because it screams party. It turns heads and has such beautiful movement to it. Looking at the online photos, I expected the fabric to be a cotton… but (as it clearly says on the website – hence my mistake) it is polyester with more of a silky texture. I am wearing the XS/S size. 

Chicwish review - Is is legit?

Chicwish review - my style notesChicwish review an honest perspective

Chicwish Review: Final Thoughts?

If you find a style you like on Chicwish, you need to pull the trigger quickly. This brand carries a huge variety of styles, but in rather limited quantities. On more than one occasion, I’ve found something I wanted… hesitated… then wound up kicking myself because it sold out.

Chicwish will restock its most popular styles. It also occasionally brings styles back, but in another color variety. My green dress is an example of that. The green is gone, but you can snag it in a black/white print.

Another important point any Chicwish review will mention is that the brand’s website is huge. It can be a little overwhelming. Consequently, I find the Shop The Style section super helpful. This small corner of the website allows you to see how real people (e.g. bloggers like me) style Chicwish pieces. Click on a photo you like and it will provide an instant link to what person is wearing.

splendor of the sunset dress - chicwish review

Splendor of the Sunset Dress (my favorite Chicwish find)

I’ll close out this Chicwish review saying I wholeheartedly recommend this brand. It’s a frugal fashionista’s best friend. You can explore unique pieces without blowing your budget or sacrificing quality. If you have any questions, please drop them in the comments below. I’m here to help!

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