Clear Bags for Football Games + What’s in Mine!

clear stadium bags for football

One of my favorite things about blogging is sharing genuine solutions to common problems. For instance, gameday bags… Ladies, let’s kiss the 1-gallon freezer bag good bye! Stylish clear bags for football games DO exist. In fact, some are so polished you’ll want to use them all the time. But I know you have questions – What exactly does stadium-approved mean? What are my options for sizes? And what essentials should I be bringing along?

Before we dive into the answers and my favorite clear bags for football games, I want to explain why I have a bit of expertise in this area. I have spent a lot of time in Big Ten football stadiums. First as a cheerleader (during undergrad at the University of Wisconsin) and more recently as one of the assistant coaches of the Purdue University cheer team. Those experiences gave me a pretty good handle on stadium security. This post covers everything you need to know!

Clear stadium-approved bags are now an essential for most women. NFL games, concerts, college football, even some high school sporting events require them. Additionally, Big Ten universities that previously prohibited bags are loosening restrictions to pave the way for clear bags. For example, Penn State and Michigan State University (where my hubby completed his Ph.D.) reversed their anti-bag policies for the 2022 season. Sure, you could stuff your keys, camera, wallet, and feminine products in your pocket… But a stylish stadium-approved bag definitely makes life much more convenient!

What to Know about Clear Bags for Football Games

What is a stadium-approved bag? 

When you begin shopping for a clear bag, you’ll quickly notice many styles marked as “stadium-approved.” These are generally safe bets for most stadium situations. However, policies vary stadium to stadium. Be sure to read up on the particular venue that is handling your event.

Typically, a stadium-approved bag means a bag that is clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and does not exceed one foot in width or length. Additionally, clear bags for football games must not have any décor (think buckles, hardware, or other embellishments) covering the contents of the bag. You can read the National Football League’s policy here. Many companies have responded to this new need, including Hammitt (which makes the bags I carry). We’ll dive deeper into your options below.

stylish clear bags for gamedayAddie Bag | Hammitt (c/0)

What size bag do I need?

Again it varies by venue (you can review Purdue’s rules below), but there are some common themes. Keep in mind most stadiums have exceptions for ticketholders with medically necessary items and/or diaper bags (with a child present). You will likely have to go to a specific gate for entrance in those scenarios. For Boilermakers, you can carry the following:

  • One bag that does not exceed 12 inches by 6 inches by 12 inches
  • One-gallon clear plastic bag (Ziploc or similar)
  • One small clutch bag, approximately the size of a hand (no longer than 4.5 inches by 6.5 inches)

Purdue bag policy

The Best Clear Bags for Football Games

Now that we’ve covered the vital info, it’s time for the fun stuff! There are some incredible clear bag options out there. There are choices to suit every fan and in varying price points. Your first step is to think about how you will actually use your stadium-approved bag.

Are you a season ticket holder, super fan, or have work functions that take you to a lot of games?

You want to invest in a durable, stylish bag that will hold up season after season. While you can find a lot of cheap options on Amazon, the plastic rarely holds up. Therefore, for a serious fan, I recommend Hammitt. Its bags are beautiful, but more importantly, they are rugged.

Hammitt uses TPU, a cross between plastic and rubber. It’s exceedingly durable, odor-free, fingerprint-resistant, and way more flexible than PVC. Moreover, Hammitt offers a lifetime guarantee. Should your bag need anything at all, Hammitt’s team will come to the rescue. There’s a reason Hammitt calls its bags “the ultimate gift for college students, football fans, sorority sisters, and beyond!” I should also mention the leather… This probably sounds a little strange, but you may just catch yourself running your fingers over the straps. They’re that heavenly!

crossbody stadium approved bagstadium approved clear bags for footballAddie Bag  (c/o Hammitt) | Sandals (Sarah Flint) | Purdue T-shirt (similar) | Vegan Leather Skirt (similar)

I use two of Hammitt’s styles, the Hunter Medium Backpack and the Addie Medium. Both are ideal for moms who need to carve out as much space as possible for those extra items you inevitably need with small children. For those who can get by with a sleeker silhouette the Tony Small is aesthetically divine (and so popular it’s currently sold out in tan). They do restock, so if you love it – keep checking back.

Now you might be thinking my stadium says no backpacks… how is the Hunter stadium-approved? Due to its size (and the fact it meets all other specifications), most security crews will treat the Hunter as a tote bag and give the green light. However, if you have concerns about your particular stadium, be sure to reach out to the venue. They are always happy to answer questions, particularly if you pose them well in advance of your event.

Attend games rarely? 1-2x per year? 

You can opt for something that is stylish, but perhaps slighty less durable. I’ve rounded up a list of my favorite clear stadium bags for football. Many of these are available on Amazon and via Prime. Click on any image below to shop the style.

clear stadium approved backpackHunter Backpack (c/o Hammitt)

My Gameday Essentials [And What You Can’t Bring]

While I used to be able to bring everything under the sun in my cheerleading duffle bag, as a fan, I need to be more strategic. Your gameday goal should be minimalism (a victory is nice too). Stadium-approved clear bags for football are not particularly large. Only bring you essentials. For me, that looks like this…

  • Photo ID, credit card, a bit of cash
  • Sunscreen –Colorscience’s Powder formula is so packable… and it works!
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Wipes (I have a 5-year-old)
  • Glare-fighting sunglasses – I swear by Randolph’s Amelia style. These aviators are actually designed for pilots!
  • Touch up powder
  • Hydrating lipstick – Neutrogena’s Moisturesmooth is fabulous.
  • Phone
  • Thomas the Tank Engine – Seriously, I almost always travel with some sort of toy train these days!

clear stadium bag for football gameshammitt clear stadium bag

It’s always a good idea to conceal your personal information and aim for privacy, despite the clear bag. You can do this by tucking you photo ID and credit cards into a tiny card-holding wallet – and for makeup/feminine products, using a privacy pouch like this one. Finally, let’s cover what you can’t bring. The list is surprisingly long – so be mindful of this. For Purdue, it’s as follows:

  • Weapons
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tobacco products and E-cigarettes
  • Umbrellas
  • Strollers
  • Noisemakers and irritants
  • Camera lenses longer than 6 inches
  • Backpacks, binocular cases, camera bags, diaper bags, drawstring bags, fanny packs, oversized totes, purses
  • Seat backs and seat cushions with metal or storage slots
  • Objects that interfere with the comfort or block the view of other patrons
  • Cans
  • Glass bottles
  • Food
  • Drinks, cups or coolers
  • Shakers or strobe lights
  • Large Signs, Flags or Banners

Now, let’s turn things over to Beth Fergusson of She is an Auburn fan and styling the supremely popular Tony Bag from Hammitt with a touch of Southern Flair. Beth is a lifestyle blogger who covers fashion, fitness and wellness, while helping midlife women live their best lives. You can find her on Instagram here and her blog here.

What do you consider a gameday essential? Let me know in the comments below!




  1. Alyssa | wayward | 13th Oct 22

    It’s funny, I never thought I’d purchase a clear bag – but all of these restrictions meant I finally had to recently! And you know what, I kind of don’t hate it, because it means I can only carry a few things (rather than a bunch of extras “just in case”). This is a great roundup!

    • laveremis | 13th Oct 22

      I know exactly what you mean! I never anticipated buying one either – and certainly not finding one I actually use outside game day. Thanks for stopping by Alyssa.

    • laveremis | 5th Nov 22

      Hi Alyssa! Yes, I completely understand what you’re talking about. They were never on my radar until I started working at Purdue University and attending more games. Thankfully there are actually some cute ones out there!

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