Cozy Sweaters & Wabash Walls

cozy sweaters and Wabash Walls

Today’s post is a little different. Think of it as pulling double-duty. I want to introduce you to my favorite statement sweaters, but more importantly, I want to introduce you to some statement-making artwork! We will get to the cozy fall fashion in a minute. First, let me tell you about Wabash Walls.

Can art drive change? Wabash Walls might be a perfect example!

This urban art initative is injecting new life and color into neighborhood just south of Lafayette, Indiana’s downtown. Athough the Wabash Avenue Neighborhood has had its challenges over the years, it is currently seeing a beautiful resurgence and revitalization. This is largely due to the collaborative work of area residents, the Tippecanoe Arts Federation, Habitat for Humanity and the city. Together, these partners have found a way to beautify the area without stripping it of its edge and unique character.

Wabash WallsNavy Lace Top | Tassel Handbag | Jeans | Earrings

The jaw-dropping murals are the work of artists from near and far. Thirteen participated in the second phase of Wabash Walls, including talent from Korea, Australia, Argentina and Colombia. My personal favorite is this series of child portraits. Can’t get over how lifelike these faces are!

“Visual vocabulary is powerful,” explained Tetia Lee, Tippecanoe Arts Federation CEO. “The work of public art and street art are rooted in our society and provide a way of connecting people that is unique.”

Can you imagine painting something on this scale? And doing so out in the elements, on full public display? The color, the realism, the narrative—it blows me away. As you can see, the little guy is quite a fan too. We love searching this neighborhood for murals we haven’t seen yet. Do you have any similar art initiatives happening in your area?

My Fall Round-Up: Cozy Sweaters

Cozy Sweaters – Pom Pom Detailing

Now, let’s get to the statement sweaters. First up, my pom pom sweater. This piece is hand knit, 50 percent wool (aka really, really warm) and oh-so-cozy. I wear it to death! Easy to style multiple ways, you can pair this with everything from jeans to pencil skirts. It’s even gorgeous layered over a dress. The fit is ideal for petite frames. However, it might feel a tad short if you are tall or have a very long torso. At $70, it’s more than I typically spend on sweaters, but worth every penny! Can’t beat this quality and attention to detail.

Like pom poms? Here are some other options…

Sweater | Jeans | Woven Clutch 

Cozy Sweaters – Dress It Up!

Honestly, sweater dresses are one of my favorite parts of fall. Cozy and comfortable, they’re like wearing a socially acceptable⁠—and stylish⁠—blanket! Some people eschew sweater dresses, thinking they are tough to wear. This is a complete misnomer. There is a sweater dress that will flatter every body type.

The trick is avoiding styles that are too thin or cling to the body. The ideal sweater dresses should skim your curves gently, or disguise them completely in a tunic-style. I’ve got my eye on all of these pieces below, particularly the gray dress.

Pro tip: The turtleneck grid print dress is a blogger favorite. It earns rave reviews from women of all shapes and sizes.

Cozy Sweaters – Neutrals With Edge

I consider sweaters an investment piece, so this is one fashion area where I am willing to put frugality on the back shelf. I hate anything that feels picky or flimsy. Sweaters should be something you will wear year after year, again and again. Consequently, I am a big fan of neutral sweaters. The following pieces are simply elegant and will stand the test of time. However, you can still have a bit of fun…

Why not play around with sleeve volume or shape? 

Cozy Sweaters – Bold and Beautiful

Finally, a few pieces that bring a bit of color or whimsy. Life is too short to exist solely in a neutral palette! These picks are guaranteed mood-boosters, sure to bring a smile to your face with their detail and unique nature.

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