Fall Family Photo Outfit Ideas

what to wear for fall family photos

Tis’ the season for pumpkin spice lattes, jack o’ lanterns, and crisp morning air… It is also the season for getting a wall-worthy snapshot of your favorite people! Many families call fall the best time of year to book a photo session – and I don’t disagree. Natural beauty is at its peak (think stunning fall color) and temperatures tend to be quite comfortable. You won’t fight sweat or feel frosty toes. So, let’s dive into some wardrobe inspiration. Here are a few fall family photo outfit ideas to get you started, plus 5 general tips to ensure you get an image you adore! 

Fall Family Photo Outfit Idea – “Going Gray”

Outfits: Mom’s Sweater Dress | Mom’s Boots | Boy’s Shirt | Boy’s Pants | Boy’s Shoes | Girl’s Sweater DressGirl’s Boot | Dad’s SweaterDad’s Pants

This first fall family photo look is perfect for those who love a neutral muted palette. It lets the fall colors shine, while providing an aesthetically pleasing, cohesive style combination. Do you adore white kitchens? Gravitate toward marble countertops and gray décor? Have a passion for light and bright spaces? The soft simplicity of these choices will speak to you.

Your outfits will play nicely together, without it looking like you tried to create something matchy-matchy. I styled mom’s sweater dress with playful lace-up booties, but it is equally darling with knee high boots and tights for extra warmth on cooler fall days. And the little girl’s sweater dress? It’s impossibly cute with that shoulder ruffle!

Pro Tip #1: Think about your home décor as you are choosing your outfits. If you are planning to hang these images on your wall or display them on a mantel, it makes sense to pick a palette that will complement your home’s color scheme.

what to wear for fall family photos

A good friend of mine, Kelly McPhail of Kelly McPhail Photography, is a family and newborn photographer. She routinely guides families through photo prep, including my fam (this post is a great resource). Together, we pulled options for families seeking all degrees of formality. Keep scrolling for more fall family photo outfit inspiration, but first another super helpful tip from Kelly!

Pro Tip #2 – Start with mom’s outfit. We tend to be the most particular about what we’re wearing, so it makes sense to use your look as a jumping off point.

A breezy maxi or midi dress in a fall-inspired print always looks fabulous in photos. Furthermore, they provide an easy way to choose the other colors in your palette. In general, you want 2-3 colors that coordinate with what you are wearing. For instance, my ruffled wrap dress has flowers in a soft gray/cream. This made it easy to choose Hudson’s sweet crewneck (from one of my favorite local boutiques, Bloom Kids Collection). If I could have coaxed my hubby into this shot, I would have expanded our color scheme by adding his favorite cream-hued sweater to pick up the ivory undertones of the flowers on my dress.

I always recommend wrap dresses for photos, particularly those with sleeves because they are figure-flattering. The wrap style visually slims the waistline, while a v-neckline can elongate or slenderize necks/faces. Additionally, wrap styles are often available in fabrics that move beautifully on camera. Here are a few similar options to try…

Fall Family Photo Outfit Idea – “Polished Plum”

Outfits: Mom’s Dress | Mom’s Boots | Girl’s Dress | Girl’s Shoe | Boy’s Cardigan | Boy’s Pants | Page Boy Cap | Dad’s Sweater | Dad’s Pants

Next up, a fall family photo outfit idea for those who prefer dressier styles. This set of looks offers a comfortable “business casual” vibe, plus pieces mom and dad can wear again and again. While it’s certainly fun to shop for a new look when doing family photos, I always try to keep versatility in mind. It makes sense to choose an outfit you can get some real mileage out of!

The plum tone and copper hue of the boy’s sweater sets an autumn vibe. Best of all, these styles will look at home in both natural and urban settings. You can really take your photo shoot anywhere! I think little boys look darling in hats and found this sweet page boy cap on Amazon. The highlight though is the sophisticated plaid dress for the little girl. Can you believe it’s only $20?!

Pro Tip #3 – Don’t get hung up about “posing” for the camera. Family photos are all about genuine emotion and capturing real connection. Instead of trying to look “perfect”, be yourself—play, snuggle, and lovingly interact with your children. Let your photographer guide you.

Fall Family Photo Outfit Idea – “Earthy Elegance”

Mom’s Bodysuit | Mom’s Skirt (similar – since it’s nearly sold out)| Mom’s Hat | Girl’s Dress | Toddler Suspenders | Toddler Shirt | Dad’s Henley Sweater | Dad’s Jeans | Dad’s Shoe

Earthy and relaxed, our third fall family photo outfit idea brings together the best of nature for an eye-pleasing look. Kelly pulled this one together… and I can totally envision this family strolling under a canopy of brilliant orange and yellow leaves! This look is perfect for those who wants their photo to look casual but slightly elevated from the everyday. All of the styles allow for easy movement. They are also basic pieces you can enjoy for years to come.

Mom’s skirt is selling out quickly, so I also added a similar option. If floral isn’t for you, the little girl’s dress also comes in a camo print. And the little boy’s look has me swooning! HM has some really lovely options for children.

Pro Tip #4 – People often feel self conscious about the way their arms look in photos. This is because we have a natural tendency to pull our arms into our body when nervous, smushing them tightly along our sides. This makes our arms appear significantly larger than they really are. Instead, keep your movements natural, but try to maintain a bit of space between your arms and body. You can achieve this by putting one hand in a pocket, or a hand on your kiddo’s shoulder. 

Fall Family Photo Outfit Idea – “Comfy Casual”

Mom’s Sweater | Mom’s Jeans | Mom’s Scarf | Mom’s Boots | Girl’s Sweater | Girl’s Skirt | Girl’s Boots | Baby Girl Onsie | Baby Girl Jeans | Baby Shoes | Boy Jeans | Boy’s Sweater Similar | Dad’s Jeans | Dad’s Sweater | Dad’s Shoes 

Does your family prefer comfy, cozy styles? Kelly styled this grouping for those who don’t want to stray far from their beloved denim! The trick with a jeans/sweater look like this is adding a few extras that pull it all together. For example, she paired mom’s tunic sweater with a gorgeous fall scarf. Not only does the scarf add warmth and interest to your look, but it also connects the total color scheme. The plaid brings in the burgundy of the little girl’s sweater and the flecks of golden yellow, link to the neutral tones of dad’s sweater.

Pro Tip #5 – Dress your children in something they feel comfortable in (and give that outfit a test run ahead of time)! As tempting as it may be to style your kiddo to the nines, if they don’t like the outfit, chances are you’ll see it on their faces—and in your photos. Sometimes it’s better to dress them in an old favorite than to roll the dice on something new. Whatever you choose, make sure to check the fit by having them try it on a few days ahead of time. 

Fall Family Photo Outfit Ideas – “The Trendsetters”

Mom’s Top | Mom’s Jeans | Girl’s Leopard Dress/Vest | Boy’s Sweater | Boy’s Chinos | Dad’s Military Jacket | Dad’s Jeans | Dad’s Sneakers

Finally, the last of our fall family photo outfit ideas… something a bit different. This is for the family that wants to look fresh and current. It plays on all the fall trends: animal print, military touches, and Victorian-inspired lace. The pieces make quite a statement individually, but also play nicely together. How fun is that little girl’s dress? It’s a touch edgy and a whole lot fun!

Getting excited for your session yet? This little man is eager to cheer you on!

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