Family Day & the origin of Hudson’s name

Family Day

This is going to sound a little weird… 

We named our son after a department store. Well, not exactly. It’s a bit more complicated than that. Hudson’s name was inspired by Hudson Bay and Hudson’s Bay Company, which is a Canadian retail group. However, my husband was thinking of HBC’s 17th century explorers and the rugged fur trade, not modern shopping when we settled on it. Today is “Family Day” in Canada, so I thought it might be a good time to share a few tidbits about our quirky family and why we believe in embracing those nutty tendencies.

Evan and Hudson

My husband is obsessed with Canada and its early history.

We don’t have any familial ties there. Yet, he plans to visit every province, celebrates Canadian holidays (Family Day for instance) and has read just about every book available on the early fur trade.

He collects vintage Hudson’s Bay coats, Hudson’s Bay blankets and Hudson’s Bay memorabilia. Keep in mind, this started before we had Hudson—and perhaps understandably—has escalated a bit.

If it were up to my husband, every vacation we take would be to Canada. For instance, we honeymooned in Newfoundland. It is Canada’s most easterly province (think stunning coastlines and humpback whales). While gorgeous, it’s not exactly a common destination for American newlyweds. He picked it because he wanted to be different, to have a “story” to tell. Seven years later, we’re still recounting our adventures! My point in telling you this?

Fuel your loved one’s interests, even if you don’t share them

I share my husband’s appreciation for Canada’s natural beauty and enjoy visiting there, but perhaps not with the same intensity. When it’s time to plan a trip, he gets a lot of eye-rolling if he suggests more than one Canadian voyage per year. That said, I’m happy he has something that brings out his unbridled, little-boy enthusiasm. He may not be able to explore all of Canada’s remote wilderness—and let’s be honest, he’d be bear food if he tried—but I’m all for anything that helps him capture a slice of that adventure! It helps him muscle through an at-times stressful job.

Hudson's Bay sweaterFamily Day outing

Striped Sweater | Boots (on clearance) | Cloche Hat (similar)

So, when he wants to dress us all in Hudson’s Bay stripes, I play along. If he wants to regale me with tales he’s read about voyages to York Factory, a fur trade era depot set in the remote Hudson Bay wilderness, I listen. We talk about the superior warmth of vintage coats (he’s wearing one in the photo below) and woolen blankets/sweaters. Eventually, his passions become mine too. And isn’t sharing what family is all about?

Happy “Family Day” to my Canadian pals!—Lindsay


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