Pumpkin Centerpieces with Flowers

pumpkin centerpieces with flowers

I know what you might be thinking… Isn’t it enough just to host Thanksgiving? You mean I need to decorate the table too!? Certainly, entertaining can stressful – especially with large groups. However, what I’m about to share is as easy as it gets. In fact, I would argue decorating the table is one of the best parts of hosting the Thanksgiving meal. I created these DIY pumpkin centerpieces with flowers in a hot minute, while filming an Instagram reel. Delete the video equipment and you can whip this table together in 15-20 minutes!

Ready to dive in?

You’ll need:

  • Several pumpkins of varying sizes (real or foam)
  • Flowers (I used roses – the “Fall Bundle” from Grace Rose Farm)
  • Gold faux floral sprigs
  • Faux or real greenery
  • Toothpicks
  • Vase or bowl for each pumpkin
  • Knife

pumpkin and floral centerpieces

Instructions: Pumpkin Centerpieces with Flowers

I created two different pumpkin centerpieces with flowers. First, a very simple arrangement using the pumpkin as a vase of sorts. Then another, sandwiching the florals between the lid of the pumpkin and base with toothpicks.

While you can use foam pumpkins for this, I prefer the look of something real. I utilized heirloom pumpkins leftover from our Halloween porch display. However, any pumpkin will do. If you opt for the traditional orange pumpkin, try to find flowers that complement that punchy orange.

Sound fun? Here’s a step by step guide…

easy diy pumpkin and floral thanksgiving centerpiece ideas

Step 1 – Place vase inside pumpkin

Hollow out your pumpkin and cut a lid. Once you’ve cleared things out, find a vase or bowl that nestles inside nicely. The goal is to offer the flowers enough water while keeping the vessel out of view. I used a simple glass vase for the white pumpkin and a blue plastic tub for the arrangement with the toothpicks shown above.

pumpkin and rose thanksgiving centerpiece ideasRoses | Table Runner (similar) | Eucalyptus Stems | Gold Bay Leaf Stems | Dining Table | Mercury Glass Candles

Step 2 – Arrange blooms

Once you place the vase or bowl of water in your pumpkin centerpieces, you can begin to nestle the blooms inside. For the straight forward arrangement with the white pumpkin, I selected the cream and pink roses. Don’t be stingy on the blooms. You’re looking for full and lush, so really fill the space. I ended up using about seven stems.

Step 3 – Tuck in greenery

After you place your roses, come back in with sprigs of greenery allowing some to drape down the sides for interest. You can use faux greenery or something reel. I used a hanging eucalyptus bush I already had in the house, trimming it into smaller sections to tuck those into place. You can also use eucalyptus sprigs, which would probably be an easier option. The greenery really finishes the look of these pumpkin centerpieces with flowers.

how to make a pumpkin and floral centerpiece

For the design with the lid, you will need some toothpicks. Once you add your vase or water bowl inside, press the toothpicks into the cut flesh.

Tip – Place them at a slight angle so the lid is easier to secure. I made a mistake of sticking them straight up the first time only to discover they were too wide for my lid – oops! Pretty silly, right?

The trick with this one is to trim the stems of your flowers long enough, so that they don’t want to topple right out of the arrangement. Work your way around the pumpkin tucking in your flowers.

Next, it’s time to jazz things up a bit. For this one, I wanted extra dimension and interest. Consequently, I added both the faux eucalyptus stems and some gold bay leaf faux floral stems. I think the gold leaves play nicely with the color tone of the pumpkin. They also add a sense of warmth to the overall scheme and help link the pumpkin and floral centerpieces to my design for the rest of the table. I planned on using gold chargers and a variety of mercury glass candleholders in gold tones.

pumpkin centerpieces with flowers how to dress the table

Step 4 – Dress the table!

Now comes the fun part, dressing your table. For an elegant look of abundance, you want to do some layering. I started with a simple ivory table runner. Since my Pottery Barn table is dark, I looked for something that had interest on the edges. The exact runner I used is out of stock at Hobby Lobby, but this nearly identical fringed style really “pops” on an ebony or dark brown table.

Next, I arranged some gold leaf faux florals and eucalyptus stems for a base. Place your pumpkin floral centerpieces on top, working in some smaller gourds or petite pumpkins for balance.

Scatter your mercury glass candleholders throughout. They don’t need to be the same size or shape. In fact, they shouldn’t! Variety is the spice of life when it comes to table centerpieces. Objects of differing height create a lot of visual appeal, so play around with your arrangement moving and shifting things until you are totally satisfied.

Pumpkin and floral centerpieces – Where to find your flowers

While I love turning to the farmers market for flowers, I live in Indiana and our farmer’s market shuts down in late October. So I used Grace Rose Farm. The California flower farm has the most beautiful rose selection have I ever seen and ships all over the country. Your roses will come to you in bud form, so you get to experience the magic of watching them open as well as a longer bloom life. The farm periodically has special discounts. Right now, you can save on Thanksgiving roses using the code AUTUMNBOGO.

Wishing you happy arrangement-making and a beautiful time with your family and friends!

pumpkin and rose thanksgiving table arrangement


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