Sarah Flint Reviews 2023: Why Celebs LOVE This Brand

Sarah Flint Reviews 2023 Natalie Flat

Have you ever bought a shoe you thought you’d love, only to have it languish at the back of your closet? This has happened to me more than I care to admit. I’d get pulled in by bargain footwear or spring for a “beauty is pain” type heel I thought I could force my feet into. Now that I’m older and wiser, I’ve come to the conclusion that style may be important, but it’s nothing without comfort. So, let me introduce you a brand that offers both—Sarah Flint. If you’re looking for honest Sarah Flint reviews that cover what has changed in 2023, you’ve come to the right place!

Lauded in the New York Times as “shoes that just happen to end up on famous feet” and “nothing less than quality, comfort, and style” by Business Insider, Sarah Flint is on to something. Its fans include Amal Clooney, Cindy Crawford and Meghan Markle. Curious what the fuss is all about? Here is a detailed 2023 Sarah Flint review answering all the common FAQs.

Post update: Since I first wrote this, I have added several other Sarah Flint styles to my closet – including boots and her new wedge (the Mirjana). Consequently, I can offer more specific insight on fit/sizing! If you’re looking for that information, you can find it in the “my favorite styles” section. Additionally, Sarah Flint (like many businesses right now) has raised prices. Are Sarah Flint shoes worth it? We’ll dive into those changes shortly.

Natalie flat by Sarah Flint 2023 reviewsSarah Flint luxury Italian shoesNatalie Flat (Saddle Vachetta) | Bag | Belt | Dress

As a fashion enthusiast, I love browsing designer styles but rarely feel comfortable purchasing them. I’ll try something on, gush over it, then put it back on the rack. I’m perfectly happy to live vicariously through celebrities, arm chair quarterbacking their outfits, and obsessively reading magazines like InStyle. Sarah Flint is the one exception. In fact, even though prices have ticked upward ever so slightly for 2023, I still find Sarah Flint shoes worth it. They’re a smart splurge – timeless and impeccably elegant.

I first noticed the brand when Meghan Markle wore the Natalie Flat in her first official appearance as a couple with Prince Harry (I have a slight obsession with the royals). I thought the little bow and detailing was darling.  The brand was new to me, so I popped over to the Sarah Flint website and found more styles to adore. Once I slipped my feet into this luxury brand, I was hooked. And I’m a tough cookie when it comes to shoes… I have expectations higher as my heels! I was so impressed with SF’s feminine styling, I joined her LDV Curators Club (formerly known as brand ambassadors) – a collection of elegance-focused ladies who share a deep love of shoes.

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Sarah Flint reviews 2023 Perfect Jay Pump

What’s different about Sarah Flint shoes?

If you take away anything from this updated 2023 Sarah Flint review, know this… You can tell immediately these shoes are designed by a woman. Why? They are a perfect balance of beauty and comfort. And the durability? These are made like a tank! This is the kind of heel that keeps feet happy, even after all-day wear. Each pair is handcrafted by artisans in Italy, known for producing the world’s highest quality shoes. There is so much attention to detail!

I wish I would have discovered Sarah Flint when shopping for my wedding shoes. She has the most stunning wedding collection. They are styles you would cherish long after your big day. Additionally, the comfort-factor makes them one of the best wedding shoe options on the market.

 Sarah Flint Shoes on My Wish List


Sarah Flint reviews 2023 luxury Italian shoes

Perfect Jay Pump | Paper Bag Pants | Flower Earrings (similar) 

My First Sarah Flint Shoe

The first Sarah Flint shoe I slipped my toes into was the Perfect Jay Pump 100. It was a game-changer. Not only did it offer the sleek aesthetic I was craving, but it also cushioned my foot in a way I had never felt before. While the Perfect Jay was out of stock for a long time, it’s back (woo hoo!) and remains one of the most versatile shoes in my closet. The tapered tortoise heel and v-shaped vamp give these a retro, old Hollywood feel. They really elongate your leg line and are gorgeous!

If the heel is too high for you, Sarah Flint carries a similar shoe with a tortoise heel – the Perfect Emma. The Perfect Emma is one of SF’s best-sellers. I’ve seen multiple photos of Amal Clooney rocking the style, so if this is your preference… you’re in good company! It’s an ideal work shoe due to the heel height and comfort.

Are Sarah Flint shoes comfortable?

This seems to be the top question for those searching “Sarah Flint reviews 2023.” So, let’s talk about what you can’t see.

There is so much cushion in Sarah Flint shoes. For example, in the Perfect Jay, SF adds 6mm of extra padding in the foot bed and anatomical arch support. She also fashions these with a wider toe box, so you never feel crammed in. I wear these every chance I get!

Perfect Jay Pump Sarah Flint shoes

What’s Changed? Sarah Flint Reviews 2023

Who is Sarah Flint? 

Sarah Flint grew her business out of a personal frustration. She hated the fact that women had to sacrifice comfort for style. Her goal? To design a classically elegant shoe that felt as dreamy as it looked. The brand grew quickly after its 2013 launch. In just a few years, Flint’s thoughtfully designed shoes were in high-end department stores and gracing the feet of celebrities like Margot Robbie, Lady GaGa, and Karlie Kloss.

Then, Flint did something unexpected… Instead of keeping her shoes in places like Barneys New York and Bloomingdales’s, Flint switched to direct-to-consumer sales. What does that mean for us? A significant price drop! Shoes that used to cost $1,200 or more are now available for $450-$700.

Sarah Flint Reviews 2023Perfect Sandal 

Why are Sarah Flint shoes so expensive?

I get it… If the idea of spending $450 on a pair of shoes makes you cringe a little, consider cost-per-wear. I used to treat shoes as a disposable item. I expected them to last about a year – They rarely did. Sure, they looked pretty, but the synthetic materials couldn’t hold up. When I add up what I used to spend on replacement shoes, $450 doesn’t seem out of reach. I’ve cherished my Sarah Flint shoes for four years now and they look at beautiful as they did on day one.

Now, let’s talk about changes in 2023. Like many brands, Sarah Flint raised prices in the summer of 2022 (she explains the reason for that here). Cliff notes? Sarah Flint is coping with increased expenses across every part of the supply chain, including raw materials like leather.

Are Sarah Flint shoes worth it? I’d answer that with an emphatic yes. However, every consumer needs to make their own informed choices on where they want to spend their money. For example, I splurge on shoes, but have never purchased a luxury purse. These are the kind of insanely comfortable, classic shoes you will reach for again and again. In my mind, they’re are a smart buy! In fact, once you try one pair – it’s nearly impossible not to spring for a second!

Sarah Flint Grear Sandal - statement gladiator sandalGrear Sandal

Sizing Tips and Tricks

Another common question for anyone looking for a 2023 Sarah Flint review! These shoes come in European sizes, so you need to read the “Fit Notes” carefully. You’ll notice there are specific pointers for each shoe and you may not be the same size across the board. Customer reviews are also helpful in determining your best size. For my first Sarah Flint shoe, I ordered a 36 in the Perfect Jay 100 Pump, which equates to my normal U.S. size (6). However, in the Perfect Pump, I need a 36.5.

Sarah Flint shoes will feel snug when your shoes first arrive. Due to the natural materials, they stretch and mold to your feet with wear. Translation? They just keep getting more and more comfortable, like a favorite slipper.

Do Sarah Flint shoes go on sale?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the answer to this one is… rarely. Since Sarah Flint shoes are made by artisans in Italy and sold direct to consumer. Consequently, prices don’t fluctuate much. The brand does have a semi-annual sale. I offer updates about this on my Instagram. In the meantime, you can use my discount code below to save some money.


Sarah Flint reviews 2023 Grear Sandal

Where are Sarah Flint shoes made? 

Sarah Flint shoes are handcrafted in family-owned factories in Italy, which Sarah herself regularly visits. Unlike some brands, that assemble shoes in Italy and do the cutting and stitching elsewhere, Sarah Flint keeps the entire process in Italy. This matters because Italian shoemakers are the best in the world. There’s a reason leading luxury names flock there.

Do Sarah Flint shoes run small?

Not in my opinion. They do fit snuggly when you begin wearing them. However, the leather stretches and molds to your feet with time, ultimately giving you that super comfortable fit. I’ll get into the nitty-gritty with fit details for each show below.

Keep reading for updated sizing pointers on other Sarah Flint shoes I’ve tried!

My Favorite Styles – Sarah Flint Reviews 2023

Sarah Flint Reviews - Natalie Flat

The Natalie Flat and Perfect Emma

Obviously, I love the Jay Pump. However, Sarah Flint reviews for 2023 must cover her best sellers. We mentioned the Natalie flat earlier (Meghan Markle’s fav). It just got restocked in new color options and an additional shape, the Natalie Ballerina. This pointed toe style with an asymmetric bow detail really elongates your leg line and can carry you from work to an evening out. It’s the kind of flat you want when you know you will be on your feet all day.

The Natalie has 3mm of extra padding in the footbed and come in a wide range of colors/materials. For spring and summer, you can get it in a lavender suede and beautiful floral jacquard. See it on video below, alongside the Perfect Emma pump!


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For sizing, I would recommend sticking with your true size in the Natalie. I’m usually a size 6 and went with the 36. It was perfect. If you have wider feet, you may want to go up a half size. For the Emma, I went up a half size. This was a mistake. My heel kept slipping out and I needed to exchange them. Order your true size in the Emma.

Sarah Flint Perfect Pump and Honest Review

Sarah Flint Reviews 2023: The Perfect Pump

Next, let’s talk about the aptly named Perfect Pump. This eternally classic silhouette has a steel rod heel, so you can feel extra secure. Like my Jay Pump, it also has 6 mm of extra padding in the footbed and a wider toe box. This style is a must for every woman’s closet!

I opted for the 85 mm heel height, as I wanted this to be my workhorse pump and ordered it in the versatile “sand calf” leather. It’s the perfect neutral and elongates your leg line like nothing else. When it comes to fit, I followed Sarah Flint’s sizing recommendation and went up a half size. I ordered the 36.5 versus my usual 36. The fit was perfect, not too loose – not too snug. Your toes never feel cramped, even when you’re on your feet all day.

Sarah Flint reviewsSarah Flint pumps - An honest reviewPerfect Pump

The Perfect Dress Bootie – Sarah Flint Reviews 2023

Since I live in the Midwest and we have lots of cool weather, this updated 2022 Sarah Flint review would not be complete without a discussion of her incredible boot collection! If you’ve ever struggled to find a bootie that doesn’t irritate or cause chafing around your ankle, you’ll want to explore Sarah’s Perfect Dress Bootie. These feel like a dream.

Sarah Flint reviews perfect dress bootiePerfect Dress Bootie (Black Suede)

Like her other styles, this Sarah Flint bootie has extra padding in the footbed and a steel rod stiletto for durability. It also has a hidden platform to decrease the pitch of your foot while maintaining the sleek silhouette we all want. And can we talk about that gorgeous scalloped piping detail? These are compliment magnets!

In terms of sizing, they fit TTS. That said, if you like to wear thicker socks for warmth in your booties, I’d recommend going up a half size. This will accommodate plenty of layering.

Sarah Flint reviewsPerfect Dress Bootie 60 (Taupe Suede)

The Grear Sandal

Finally, let’s wrap up this Sarah Flint shoes review with something a little different – the Grear Sandal. This Grecian-inspired gladiator sandal has soft cotton ties and a two-tone flip design that lends a playful feel to the shoe. It’s lightweight and breathable with a full leather outsole. It also packs flat, so it’s the ideal shoe to tuck in your vacation bag. We’re a carry-on only family when we travel, so the packability of the Grear is huge for me. It was the perfect shoe for our recent trip to Australia.

Moreover, the silhouette and adjustable ties help elongate your silhouette. At 4’11, I am always hunting for a sandal that visually lengthens your leg line. They’re rare! As for sizing, these are definitely TTS. However, they only come in whole sizes. If you are between sizes, size up.



Sarah Flint Reviews 2023 – The Mirjana Wedge

Finally, to round out this update for those searching Sarah Flint reviews 2023, let’s talk about the Mirjana. Recently I invested in Sarah Flint’s new wedge style, the Mirjana. I’ve long been a fan of wedges. It goes without saying, but at 4’11 you embrace any style that purports to give you an extra lift. However, interestingly enough, Sarah herself told me she’s a convert to wedges (click here to watch the video interview we did together). She initially didn’t like the style, but after working with the silhouette and playing around with various styling options, she grew to love it too. Hip hip hooray for wedges!!

I opted for the Mirjana Wedge 80 in Petal Calf. I’m a Midwesterner (aka – ghostly pale), so the Petal Calf is closer to my skin tone. Pro tip: If you want to elongate your leg line and look taller, slimmer, sleeker – choose a neutral shoe that visually disappears into your foot/leg. This means your goal is to choose a leather color as close to your skin tone as possible. While I initially loved the look of the Mirjana in Saddle Vachetta – I knew that darker leather strap around the ankle would cut off my leg line and make my already short legs appear even shorter. In contrast, the Petal Calf blends seamlessly into my leg, visually lengthening my frame.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions about this female-founded brand. 

Thinking of trying Sarah Flint yourself?

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