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Can Petites Wear Wide Leg Jeans?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed a lot more variety in denim lately. Move over skinny jeans, there’s a new, wider silhouette in town! Can petites wear wide leg jeans? Yes, everyone can!

However, there are a few important styling tips/tricks shorter women should keep in mind. If you’re eager to try wide leg jeans, but worry they will swallow you up (making you look even shorter), this post is for you.…

Best Jeans for Petites With Muscular Legs

Has the fitting room ever made you cry?

I know this sounds a bit dramatic… However, I’ll bet some of you are nodding your head right now. I wish I could say this has never happened to me—there are certainly way more important things to get upset over—but I want this blog to be honest, unvarnished space. So, if you’ve ever stood in front of the mirror wondering why you can’t just have a “normal” body, please know you are not alone.…