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7 Ways to Add Glamour to Daily Life

2020 (and now 2021) have been many things… Glamorous is certainly NOT one of them! Most days we are simply trying to stay afloat, to find a work-from-home balance, and to stay healthy. We’ve cut out time consuming beauty rituals, opting instead for fresh, natural faces. We’ve swapped blazers for cozy sweatshirts, pencil skirts for leggings. In many ways this shift is wonderful.…

A beginner’s guide to wearing bold prints

There’s something about spring that calls for fun and whimsy.

When nature begins to shake off the frost and bloom in brilliant color, I find myself reaching for vibrance too. And I’m not just talking about spring florals! Lately, bold prints of all varieties have been calling my name. Have you felt the urge too? I’m not usually a big print person, but I loved this dress the minute I saw it.…