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Coronavirus Coverage: A Journalist’s Guide to Separating Hype From Fact

Feel like you’re constantly looking over your shoulder? As the novel coronovirus races across the globe, travel bans begin, schools and sporting events shutter, the stock market plunges, and Italy quarantines its entire population, it’s natural to feel distress. The unknown is scary! The World Health Organization has labeled COVID-19 a pandemic, urging countries to take urgent and aggressive action. However, this post is not really about the virus.

The way we report matters: Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade and ‘suicide contagion’

I like to think most news outlets and media publications approach their work with an ethical compass. TMZ’s is clearly broken.

Unfortunately, mainstream sources aren’t doing much better. Yes, I know TMZ is a tabloid. I understand¬†its business model is fueled by click bait. But I had hoped—even in those murky waters—there would be some level of journalistic decency in suicide reporting. I thought wrong.