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Shapewear 101: Why and HOW to wear it

Before we dive into Shapewear 101, I want to tell you about one of my news nightmares. Why? It illustrates one of my key points about shapewear and explains precisely the reasons I swear by it for professional events.

I’ve just finished an on-set interview and return to my desk feeling rather pleased. That segment went great, I think to myself. Then, my producer rushes over with concern in her eyes.

What to wear for a presentation: A style guide

There are two things in professional life sure to make people cringe… 1) public speaking and 2) figuring out how to dress for that speech. I have good news. Neither is as onerous as you might think! You just need the golden rules and a few insider tips. So, allow this former news anchor to help you out. I’m going to walk you through my public appearance playbook, using my good friend Katie Cramer Brownell as an illustration.…