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Sydney with a baby: 5 things you MUST do

Are you CRAZY? That’s awesome! Good luck, you’ll need it

Tell people you’re planning to travel half way around the world—with a baby—and you’ll get rather polarized reactions. Sure, the thought of traveling down under is exhilarating and exciting for most people. However, it poses unique challenges for parents. You worry about getting your gear there. You worry about your accommodations. Then, there’s the 17.5 hour flight, one of the world’s longest!…

5 clever ways to decorate with maps

Part art, part daydream, maps are powerful sources of inspiration. They help you plan, explore and learn. In fact, if it were up to my husband, they might just cover every wall in our home! We love to decorate with maps. People usually think of maps as functional tools, but we choose them for their design potential. So, let me share a few clever ways to use geography in YOUR home.…