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Work Dresses That WORK: My Closet Must-Haves

Trendy can be fun, but timeless is the fashion realm I prefer to live in.

Do I enjoy reading about edgy, daring looks? Sure. However, I’m really a classics girl at heart. I would rather resemble the etheral Audrey Hepburn or exude the subtle glamour of Grace Kelly, than dabble in attire that might look tired after one season. But this inclination isn’t solely about style.…

Amazon dresses: 5 things to know BEFORE you buy

 I never imagined I would become a fan of online shopping, especially when it comes to clothing.

As a very short girl (under 5′), I’m not exactly sample size. Consequently, the fitting room is a close personal friend. I prefer to try things on multiple times before making a purchase—much to the annoyance of those I’m shopping with. Sorry, but garments that work well for the vertically challenged are tough to find!…