3 Ways to Style A Tulle Skirt

3 ways to style a tulle skirt

At first glance, it reads rather ballerina-esque… You might think there is no way a tulle skirt can be versatile. In fact, I was in that camp too! I thought tulle skirts were beautiful and romantic, I just didn’t think I could get enough use out of one to warrant a purchase. However, I eventually succumbed to the constant Facebook ads. [Guess Mark Zuckerberg knows I was browsing for tulle?!] Anyhow, one of these beauties ended up in my cart and it blew me away with its versatility. Need proof? Here are 3 ways to style a tulle skirt, plus some tips on choosing a flattering silhouette. All tulle is not created equal!

Choosing the Right Shape

Just dipping your toes into the tulle skirt waters? Unsure if it’s for you? There’s no doubt, this is a style that can be challenging. However, few pieces will make you smile like a tulle skirt! To begin, here are a few general principles that will help you love this fun and flirty look.

  • Look for tulle skirts that don’t add bulk or volume at the hip
  • A-line silhouettes are fine, but if you’re just getting started with this trend, a straight cut may feel more approachable and comfortable
  • Opt for skirts in darker tones (e.g. gray, burgundy, forest green) to dial back the “girly” vibe
  • Choose tulle that has nice flow and movement – It should not feel stiff like a tutu


My skirt is from Chicwish and checks all the right boxes! Great movement, great color, great quality and a non-poofy. I love the double-layered nature of it and how it ever-so-slightly reveals the underskirt. I’m wearing size S-M. The gray shade (called smoke) is highly versatile – works with just about any outfit. The skirt also comes in army green and a polka dot print with white, black and dusty blue options.

Chicwish is a good place to start when shopping tulle skirts because it carries such a wide variety of shapes, colors, and styles! Thanks to Chicwish for sponsoring this post.

Style a Tulle Skirt: Look #1

3 Ways to Style a Tulle Skirt Double-Layer Tulle Skirt | Earrings | Gray Heels | Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket/Graphic T-Shirt

Tulle skirts are very easy to dress up, the trick is toning down their formality. One way to do this is by pairing your skirt with something super casual. For example, a denim jacket and graphic T-shirt offer an excellent way to put your personal stamp on the look. They add a bit of “rockstar” to your style. A faux leather jacket is an equally cute topper!

I utilized a Purdue Cheerleading T-shirt (I help out with the team), but the sky’s the limit! You can take your graphic T-shirt in any direction. While I opted for white, it’s a great way to inject more color into your look. I knot my T-shirts at the waist, then tuck the tail under to better-define the shape. However, this is also cute tucked or untucked. My gray suede heels are from Jessica Simpson  and among my favorites. The girl has a serious knack for shoes and they are usually quite comfy!

Style a Tulle Skirt: Look #2

Double-Layer Tulle Skirt | Purse | Similar Turtleneck | Pearl Hair Clips | Gray Heels

Classic Glamour: Turtleneck & Pearls

While not overly creative, this look tends to be my default. I am a huge fan of Old Hollywood glamour and there’s something about tulle skirts that always makes me think of Audrey Hepburn. You can never go wrong with pearls and a turtleneck. Sometimes simplicity creates magic!

I styled this outfit for the theater, but if you throw on a pair of tights and a blazer, this would be excellent at work too. I opted for a bell sleeve silhouette for additional drama (here’s a similar style). Turtlenecks are a great complement for tulle skirts because they don’t compete for attention. Fittingly, they let the skirt take center stage. After all, tulle doesn’t need much to make a statement!

If it’s a cold night you can add a faux fur collar, like I did, or keep it plain. Another fun way to dress up the look is to add some pearl hair clips. I found a set of 12 pieces for $8.99 on Amazon and can’t get over how pretty they are… Total bargain!

Style a Tulle Skirt: Look #3

Gray Tulle Skirt | Similar Purse | Similar Sweater

Sweater Styling 

Last up, we turn to cozy casual. Contrary to what you might expect, tulle skirts look great balanced out with an oversize sweater. Just don’t forget to consider proportions. If you’re shorter, like me, you may need to do a half tuck or wear a cross-body bag to add some type of shape to your frame.

I paired mine with a burgundy cable knit (similar piece), matching cross body bag, and some sassy heels.  Not only is this look cozy, it is approachable. You can wear this running errands or out to dinner. Oh, and I forgot… Tulle is also fabulous around the holidays!

Green Skirt

All the Holiday Feels…

Are you envisioning your Christmas/holiday cards? This piece from Morning Lavender looks divine with a classic scarf wrapped around you. Look for classic holiday colors (e.g. green, red, gold & metallics)!

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