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quarantine fitness mild at-home workout

Anyone else feel yourself getting a bit soft during quarantine? In the midst of juggling mom life, work life, and grad school… I let fitness slide. But no more! As we settle into the new normal of “safer at home”, I’m making a commitment to get back in shape. If you share that goal, this post is for you. Fitness centers are great, but we don’t need them to make progress! I’m planning to go back to the equipment-free, at home workout I’ve been doing most of my life. This circuit of cheerleading/gymnastics conditioning exercises is ideal for quarantine because you can do it anywhere — even while watching TV!

These exercises use your body weight as the resistance. Consequently, the slower you go, the better your form, the better your results! When you watch the video, you’ll notice my form is awful right now. That’s because I’ve only been walking, running, and toddler chasing the last few months. Couldn’t even tell you the last time I did decent strength training – oops! Fortunately, you can vary the intensity of this at home workout easily by adding or subtracting reps.

While significantly dialed down from its original form, each exercise in the circuit above is pulled from the conditioning I did as a college cheerleader or the strength training I used to do in gymnastics. The moves are simple, but they work! In fact, they’re the reason I have never invested in a gym membership. Combine the following routine with cardio and you don’t need much else.

at home workout + awesome athleisure

Mild, At Home Workout: No Equipment Needed!

  • 15 triceps dips (After first 15, hold “down position” for 10 seconds. Next, do 15 short pulses before 15 additional dips.
    • You can add intensity by straightening your legs
  • 10 V-ups (After the tenth, hold your body in a hollow position for 10 seconds. Repeat 10 more V-ups)
  • 10 push up variations/10 regular push ups (slow and controlled)
    • The variation I’m doing is similar to a downward dog push up, but is tailored to build shoulder strength for cheer tumbling and stunting
  • 15 lunges on each leg (switch sides each time)
  • 15 calf raises (Change position to “first position” in ballet, 15 more)

Trying to get “back in the game” like me? Start slow and gradually work your way up to 3 repetitions of the circuit. This allows your body to adjust. If you’re already working out regularly and this feels too easy, add reps and focus on your form. For a complete at home workout, I like to warm up with 20-30 minutes of mild cardio first. During quarantine, that typically consists of jumping jacks/jogging in place to my favorite Netflix show.

quarantine fitness at home workoutat home workout

Now let’s get to part two of this post… the athleisure gear!

If I told you I’ve been living in this set, I am not speaking figuratively. I literally have been wearing these leggings daily. We’re all a bit more casual thanks to coronavirus, right? The leggings are part of Peach’s new spring collection: “Mood Indigo”. I was super excited when the athleisure brand picked this color palette, because moody blues are my favorite hues! My spare bedroom is proof. The shade reminds me of sitting on the beach watching stormy Lake Michigan waters.

The new collection also zeros in on a really fun trend for spring, tie dye. I’m not a super trendy girl, but Peach’s reversible leggings (I’m wearing the Shibori print) are rocking my world. They offer just enough pizzazz and are surprisingly flattering. I used to avoid bold prints, thinking they would make my thighs look larger… How wrong I was! The scale of this print actually creates a slimming effect. The crisscross top is the “Tokyo Tank”. Not only is it great for workout gear, it’s also cute with jeans!

Cool side note: Peach has been pretty inventive with its response to coronavirus. Not only is it donating 5 percent of all proceeds to No Kid Hungry (a charity finding new ways to feed the children who depend on school meals), it is also upcycling remnant fabric from its reversible leggings to create personal-use face masks. The company says consumer purchases of the masks will fund its ability to donate masks to essential workers.

The photos above show what the leggings look like in reverse. Who doesn’t like getting two looks for the price of one? I paired these leggings with the Kana Seamless Tank. It’s moisture wicking and seamless (as the name implies). This is that comfortable tank you will grab every time you open your drawer, because it just feels sooo good! Additionally, Peach got the length just right. I always find athleisure tanks excessively long, or not long enough.

Now tell me… Have you started a new at home workout because of coronavirus?


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