Fall 2023 Denim Trends for Petites

fall 2023 denim trends

Remember when your only option was a skinny jean? Well, you can breathe a sigh of relief because fall 2023 denim trends are bringing choice back to the table! There are a ton of jean silhouettes to choose from. So much so, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Let’s begin with the styles that are easiest for petite gals to pull off.

To be honest, I have a love-hate relationship with denim. It’s cute, functional and has a way of making you like a million bucks when you get it just right. However, jeans are notoriously challenging for those of us on the shorter side. Thankfully, brands are getting more attentive to our needs by offering petite sizing or easy-to-alter silhouettes. Consequently, it’s easier than ever to spice up your look and choose a pair of jeans that makes you feel fresh. Let’s dive in!

Here are the four fall 2023 denim trends I’m watching as a petite woman…

My sizing: I’m 4’11 with bust, waist, and hip measurements 33″, 26″, 36″. My typical inseam (in other words the distance from the uppermost part of your thigh to the end of the leg opening) is 25-26″ for full-length pants with flats. However, I can go up to 27″ when wearing heels.

To measure inseam accurately you can take a well-fitting pair of pants and measure from the crotch to the cuff on the inside seam of the leg. The shorter the inseam, the shorter the length of the jean.

My Picks: Fall 2023 Denim Trendsfall 2023 denim trends flare jeansJeans | Silk Blouse | Bag

1) Flares

If you don’t have a pair in your closet yet, run don’t walk to your favorite denim store. Above all the fall 2023 denim trends, flares are the most flattering for petites! In fact, when I pulled on these jeans (the Joplin style from Buffalo David Bitten), I got a “wow”  from my husband. We’ve been married 11 years and he’s not into fashion. Consequently, when he actually comments about something I’m wearing… I know I have a winning garment!

Flare jeans (also known as bell-bottom jeans) are wider at the knee down to the floor. They were a wardrobe must-have in the 90s, but originated in the 60s and continued going strong in the 70s. In 2023, we’ve seen them on catwalks everywhere. The modern version is a bit more tailored than the loose-fit look of the 90s. Now, I know what you’re thinking…

Can petites wear flare jeans?

Now, I know what you’re thinking…  At your height, don’t you end up hemming off the flare during alterations? Nope.

Yes, the Joplin jean was too long for me. To clarify, I cut about 2 inches off the bottom. However, the flare is dramatic enough that you don’t lose the effect. Totally love your fit? Don’t be afraid to take your jeans to the tailor. But I’ll be frank – I’m cheap and lazy. Therefore, scissors are far easier (here’s a great cutting tutorial if you’re like me).

What to love about this fall 2023 denim trend? 

Flare jeans are a petite gals best friend because they do a great job of visually slimming your thigh and elongating your silhouette. For example, if you have thicker thighs (I fall into this camp), flared jeans balance your figure. In many ways they’re the antidote to the omnipresent skinnies that dominated the last decade. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a less dramatic look, you may want to try a “skinny flare” style. Skinny flares resemble boot cut jeans with a slighter bell at the bottom.

flare jeans 2023 fall denim trend

Looking for alteration-free flares? Here are a petite-friendly denim few styles I recommend:


This high-rise rigid denim has slight built in stretch for comfort. It fits true to size with a 10.5″ high rise. And the best part? There are multiple washes available, with extra short and short lengths, as well as regular, long, and extra long. I nabbed it in a Petite 26 “short” because I like to wear it with heels.


This pair will help you nail fall 2023 denim trends in total comfort. The material is soft, high-stretch fabric that really allows you to move. I love the high rise fit, but it all boils down to the 25″ petite inseam.  Another great thing about this style is its fit options. You can choose classic or curvy, in addition to selecting the regular, short, and long length.


Next up, J.Crew Factory’s full-length flare. Bargain-hunters, this option is for you! Ringing in under $70, this style has medium stretch as well as traditional 5-pocket styling. The inseam is 30″ for petites. Consequently, this selection is not ideal for the super short crowd. However, it works great for those of you 5’3″ and up.

petite wide leg jeans MadewellMadewell Petite Wide Leg Jeans

2) Wide Leg, Baggy, or Carpenter Jeans


When it comes to fall jean trends for 2023 you’ll see wide leg everywhere. And the best part? Petites can pull off these styles! In fact, I just wrote this post focused on the nuances of styling wide leg jeans as a petite. The trick is finding the right fit. In my experience, the most flattering styles are high-rise and more slim-fitting up top. Compare that to relaxed-all-over fits which can look a bit messy and will easily overwhelm a smaller frame.

Why are wide-leg jeans popular for 2023?

First, they offer maximum ease and comfort. Unlike clingy skinny jeans, wide-leg styles feel a bit freeing… almost like pajama pants. Wide leg styles were a staple in the 1920s and into the 50s. Many people credit their resurgence to the pandemic, when we got used to lounging in non-constrictive clothing during lockdown. When you choose the right style (and balance it with a form-fitting top), they also do a remarkable job of making your legs appear longer.

Moreover, they’re not just for petites! Fortunately, wide-leg jeans are also great on straight or boxy figure because of their ability to add curves.

Petite-friendly Fall 2023 Denim Trends to Try


Anytime a brand makes something labeled “petite perfect” you can smell victory! For example, this pair serves up a real vintage look because of its high-fitted waist and darling patch pockets. It has stretch, but doesn’t bag out. Better yet, the inseam is 27.5″ with a 9 3/4″ rise. I got these in a Petite 26 and found the length just right with my usual heels.


This beauty is a best-seller for a reason. It hits all the right notes to keep you in lock step with fall 2023 denim trends. Moreover, the cut is slight through the hip, ensuring you don’t get lost in your denim. The inseam is 29.” Keep in mind, these stretch over time, so if you are between sizes it is best to size down.


Finally, Anthropologie’s Colette Denim. The cropped styling of this pair is a genius way to ensure a sleek, non-overwhelming look. No wonder it’s a top-rated style for the brand! The Colette gives a peek of your ankle, while maintaining a form-fitting high rise. Consequently, it helps balance your figure despite that breezy wide leg. Additionally, I adore the super dark wash. Because dark colors visually recede, deep, dark denim seems to have magical slimming properties. The petite sizing offers a 12.5″ rise, 24″ inseam and 10.75″ leg opening.

fall 2023 denim trends straight leg black jeanJeans | Ruffled Top | Bag

3) Straight-Leg Jeans

Third on our list of fall 2023 denim trends? Straight leg jeans! This style is a clear winner when it comes to flattering a petite frame. More importantly, it’s a great starting point for those of you who may not have moved on from skinnies just yet because the cut helps ease you out of form-fitting styles.

Best of all, straight-leg styles are quite classic. In other words, you can count on them to stand the test of time. While they’re “trending” I wouldn’t necessarily call them “trendy.” Rather, they’ll be the workhorse of your closet… easy to dress up or down. They work for all seasons and every occasion. But wait, there’s more…

What shoes should I wear with straight-leg jeans?

It addition to their supreme versatility, straight-leg jeans also allow you to show off your shoes a little. Personally, I love the look of a straight-leg jean (I’m wearing the Jayden by Buffalo Jeans) with heels or a sleek, slim-fit ankle boot. Skip knee or calf-length boots, as they fail to complement straight-leg jeans. You can also rock these with sneakers.


A few pairs to explore… 


A best-seller that gives you an amazing rear-view! First, it has a slim fit through the hips and thighs, as well as a back rise that is higher to enhance your curves. Secondly, the denim has stretch and holds you in nicely. Be sure to order one size up, as the fit runs small. It’s designed to fit high and tight at the waist. 10.5″ rise with a 28″ inseam.


Another petite-friendly denim fit, this pair is a winner because it evokes the 90s vibe that is so popular right now. Available in both extra short (26″ inseam), short (28.5″), regular (30.5″), and long (32.5″), it’s not difficult to find your perfect fit. I love the high rise and good amount of stretch. Like other customers, I think it fits true to size and opted for the extra short (26″ inseam). Best of all, you have many different washes to select, from a super light near-white to a deep, dark classic blue.


Perfect for those unsure of a looser fit, this denim is just a bit looser than skinnies. I opted for the petite 25. The inseam is 25.5″ with a 10 3/4″ rise. The black wash is super fun to style for fall. Love black washes like me? You could also try the style I am wearing in the photo above, the Jayden. Please note, while fabulous – it does not come in petite sizing. Since it was a raw edge, I altered the length with scissors.

fall denim trends for petites kickout jeanMadewell Kick-Out Petite Jean

4) The Kick-Out Flare or Wide-Leg Crop

Finally, we’ll wrap up our list of fall 2023 denim trends with the kick out flare or wide-leg crop. This trend one is easy to wear and comfortable. The trick is in the styling. For instance, tucking in your top, choosing a flare or leg that that isn’t exceedingly wide, and matching them with the right shoes makes all the difference. Heels or sleek boots are my favorite, anything with a pointed toe to help elongate your leg line. Alternatively, flats can work too, just make sure you have a pointy-toe style.

Most importantly, you also have to get the fit right. Proportion, proportion, proportion… We need balance as petites! Because high-waisted cropped flares help elongate your legs, they create a more flattering silhouette. Whereas, you need to watch out for flares that are super dramatic. In contrast to larger flares which can overwhelm a petite frame, sleek kick flares will make your legs look miles long.

Fall 2023 Denim Styles to Try


Reviewers say this one runs slightly small, therefore it’s ideal for petite women who struggle to get a close fit. The inseam is 24″ and the style is fitted through the hip and thigh. It’s high rise (11 1/4″) and has a good amount of stretch.


Utter perfection! Remember how we talked about the need for a subtle flare as petites? This pair has that down to a science. It is so flattering. Consequently, it’s a best-seller for the brand. It’s a mid-rise (8 3/4″) with a 25.5″ inseam. Best of all, it has Madewell’s “Magic Pockets” in front. These really give the feeling of sucking you in.

First, this high rise style is fitted through the hip and thigh with a cropped, kicked leg. Secondly, it offers a 23.5″ inseam as well as a 9″ front rise. I love the gold buttons because they add a nice pop of interest. I ordered the petite 26 and felt the overall fit was slightly big. Therefore, if you’re between sizes, opt for the smaller.


What Fall Denim Trends Should Petites Avoid?

Ah, good question and a perfect way to sum things up! As I talk about in my other petite-focused blog posts, what’s “trendy” often runs counter to our goals as women with a smaller frame. Consequently, there are a few popular fall 2023 denim trends we may want need to steer clear of. They’re super fun, but create some visual illusions that can be unflattering.

You can read my other petite-focused articles here below:

Fall Denim Trends To Skip

Ultra Low-Rise – When you drop the rise, you make legs look shorter. At 4’11, I certainly can’t afford to do that!

Balloon Jeans – The denim equivalent of parachute pants, these feel rather messy on a petite frame. I tried one on and felt ridiculous. 

Jorts – Think Adam Sandler attire. Sure, these give off a fun grunge vibe, but they hit shorter frames in all the wrong places. Definitely one to skip!

In conclusion, fall 2023 denim trends have a lot to offer petite women. However, we need to be particular in which trends we embrace. Happy shopping! If you have specific fit questions, don’t hesitate to comment below. Alternatively, you can message me here on Instagram.


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    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

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