Pumiey Bodysuit: Is the Viral Amazon Bodysuit Worth The Hype?

pumiey bodysuit review

When it comes to Amazon fashion finds, it can be hard to sift the good from the ghastly. However, when everyone from InStyle to US Weekly to The Sun are raving about the same product, there’s usually reason. Wondering how that Pumiey bodysuit stacks up? The viral Amazon bodysuit that’s the #1 new release in women’s bodysuit tops? You’ve come to the right place. While I rarely go for “buzzed about” products, I gave Pumiey a try and will be sharing my thoughts on quality, fit, and price.

To get this Pumiey bodysuit review started, let’s talk about why many shoppers are comparing it to Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS brand.

SKIMS is known for bodysuits and shapewear that feel buttery soft and really suck you in. I was looking for a sleek, streamlined bodysuit to pair with jeans and tuck under blazers. My initial inclination was to go with SKIMs. However, after spending entirely too much time reading online reviews, I noticed a surprising number of SKIMS shoppers seemed dissatisfied.

pumiey bodysuit mock neck

Pumiey Bodysuit vs SKIMS

The Reviews

Many noted they were “just paying for the name” and described feeling lukewarm about the product. “I’m so bummed by Skims…  nothing to write home about unfortunately,” another said. You can comb through more SKIMS feedback on Thingtesting.com (which aims to be a millennial version of Consumer Reports). SKIMS earned a 3.6/5 star rating. From my standpoint, that’s not enough to justify shelling out $60+ for a bodysuit.

So, I turned elsewhere… Ultimately, I landed on SKIMS alternative and viral Amazon bodysuit brand Pumiey. Its long sleeve bodysuit rings in at a modest $30.99 price tag (compared to $78 for SKIMS). The reviews are better too. For example, it earned 4.5/5 stars from more than 1,100 reviewers. Shoppers touted the “buttery feel” of the fabric, calling the Pumiey bodysuit a “second skin” that is “so flattering.” The few negative reviews generally involved sizing, particularly from shoppers with longer torsos. I would agree – Those with long torsos should size up.

pumiey bodysuit SKIMS alternativeMock Neck Bodysuit | Denim Skirt | Crossbody Bag | Boots

Viral Amazon Bodysuit – Thoughts on Quality

I ended up ordering two Pumiey bodysuits, a sleeveless mock neck in hot pink hue called Blush and a V-neck short sleeve bodysuit in Taffy. Gosh do I love the material of these! I am pretty particular about fabric softness. If it’s right up against my skin, it needs to be soft. These feel delightful, almost cloudlike. The fabric is 80% Polyamide/20% Elastane (machine washable). The brand describes it as “buttery soft but compressive C160TM which can hold your body like a glove and stretch to twice its size.”

From my perspective, the dual layered fabric is thick and supportive. It’s the kind of garment that provides body-sculpting results without feeling restrictive. I consider it more of a daily wear garment, than shapewear. If you want something really compressive, you may want to go the shapewear route. This is a middle ground and super comfortable!

To compare, a similar SKIMS sleeveless bodysuit is 95% Nylon/5% Spandex. In contrast to Pumiey, its fabric is hand wash only. However, one of SKIMS most popular styles, the “Fits Everybody High Neck Bodysuit” does have a similar fabric makeup to the Pumiey bodysuit – 76% Polyamide/24% Elastane. That one is machine washable.

skims vs pumiey bodysuit

The Sizing

Sizing is where things get a little interesting. I ordered the XS for both of my Pumiey Bodysuits. Both fit. However, I wish I would have sized up in the short sleeve Taffy number. I have a longer torso, so it seemed like the legs on that one crept up really high… to the point where I can only wear it with high waist pants/skirts. Otherwise, you would see the leg openings over my pants!

This was not the case with the mock neck, which tells me the sizing isn’t 100% consistent across Pumiey styles. I would recommend you read reviews carefully to get a feel for which size suits you best. Also, pay attention to the brands fit tips. Pumiey has a helpful section toward the end of its Amazon listings, showing the models exact measurements and the size they are wearing. For reference, I am 4’11 with bust/waist/hip measurements of (33-26-36). I also consider myself to have a somewhat long torso.

Viral Amazon bodysuit

Viral Amazon Bodysuit – FAQs

Can you return your Pumiey bodysuit? 

To wrap things up, let’s answer a few common questions about Pumiey bodysuits. Yes, you can return these. In fact, Pumiey offers free Prime shipping and returns on many sizes/colors. For instance, both of the bodysuits I ordered were eligible for free Prime shipping and returns.

Do they shrink in the wash?

So far, that’s a no. I’ve washed mine once and it held up beautifully. No changes and no shrinking. Other reviewers report similar results. For example, Julie says, “They don’t shrink at all. Best bodysuit I ever bought.”

Is the back thong-cut or brief style?

They are all thong-cut. This helps prevent lines when you pair your Pumiey bodysuit with sleek cut garments.

Does Pumiey run small?

In my opinion, no. The material is very stretchy and molds to your frame. Therefore, you can go up or down based upon how much compression you want. However, I would recommend sizing up in the flesh tone bodysuits to avoid a “painted on” look. Likewise, if you have a longer torso, you may also want to consider sizing up.

pumiey bodysuit viral amazon brandMock Neck Bodysuit

Final thoughts? Is Pumiey a good SKIMS alternative?

This photo pretty much sums up my feelings on this SKIMS alternative. I thought I had left my bodysuit-wearing days way back in 8th grade, but I find myself grabbing my Pumiey bodysuit regularly. It’s one of the best Amazon purchases I’ve made this year! Fits like a dream and is beyond comfortable.

Case in point? I have two additional Pumiey styles in my cart right now. The sleeveless styles worked so well for me, I am ordering a long sleeve mock neck in ruby and a crew neck in black.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to drop me a comment below! 

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