How to Clone Yourself on Video

how to clone yourself on video

As you might expect, this former TV news gal is a bit of a video editing geek. I love experimenting with the power of video storytelling. Consequently, I’ve been playing around a lot with Instagram Reels and getting quite a few “how-to” questions from you. Whether you’re a style blogger or small business owner, these short/snappy videos are fun… and promotional gold! Wondering how to clone yourself on video? In this post, I’ll be sharing tutorials for three of my favorite Instagram Reels.

However, before we begin, we should touch on the basics…

What is an Instagram Reel and why should I use it?

Instagram reels are short form videos (15-30 seconds) usually set to music. Open your Instagram app and you’ll see the Reels icon dead center. That’s for a reason! In a bid to compete with TikTok, Instagram is heavily prioritizing this feature. What does that mean for you? Several things. Firstly, it may help you reach larger audience on social media. Secondly, you are likely to boost your engagement by using Instagram Reels, provided you use them effectively and creatively.

What type of content does the Instagram Reels algorithm favor?

In general, content that..

  • Is entertaining, fun, and surprising (e.g. unexpected edits, draws laughter)
  • Grabs people’s attention quickly (hook them in first 5 seconds)
  • Offers value by educating, inspiring, or explains (tutorials make great reels) 
  • Uses creative tools – text, camera effects, filters, trending music
  • Is vertical in orientation

Now this leads us back to our initial question… How do you clone yourself on video? Let the tutorials begin!

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Tutorial: How to Clone Yourself on Video

What gear do I need to learn how to clone myself on video?

  • Video editing software (or app) that allows multiple video tracks  (I recommend Adobe Premiere Pro)
  • Tripod – This is what I use
  • Camera or cell phone – I shoot on the Canon EOS RP (best purchase EVER!!)

The cool thing about Instagram Reels is that you don’t need fancy gear to create dynamic content. Rather, you just need some basic video production knowledge and the patience to figure things out. Lots of people edit their Reels in the app itself. That works great for simple edits, but won’t allow you to clone yourself seamlessly. Personally, I edit all my video content on a computer.

If you don’t have access to software like Adobe Premiere Pro, AVID, or Final Cut Pro, you can try an  editing app like Wondershare Filmora, Splice, Adobe Premiere Rush. Similarly, free online software like WeVideo or Shotcut will do the job. However, The tricky thing with free use programs, is that annoying watermark. You often need to pay to remove it (and you’ll want to for Reels). Instagram has confirmed content with visible watermarks receives less organic reach.


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The tutorial above gives you a quick glimpse of how to clone yourself on video….

Here are the steps I follow to create this video:

  • First, set up your tripod in an area with consistent light – and above all, do NOT move that tripod! Lock your camera or phone’s brightness setting.
  • To shoot vertical video on a standard camera, I shoot vertically, then rotate the video 90 degrees within my editing software as needed.
  • Next, figure out where you need to stand for both video clips and mark those locations (for example, I used a hair elastic for this one). Record yourself twice, switching sides and outfits.
  • Using a video editing software or app that allows multiple layers of video, stack the clips you want on top of each other (In Premiere Pro this is labeled V1 and V2)
  • Go to your “effects” palette and select “transform” to find the “crop” tool. Use this crop feature to remove half of the top layer of video, revealing the bottom.
  • Now comes the SECRET SAUCE! Even with consistent light, you will probably see a visible line between your two clips. Use the “edge feather” tool to smooth this out and achieve that seamless look.
  • I also recommend speeding up your video. This helps make transitions and cuts look natural. For instance, I doubled the speed in several portions of this video.
  • Export your video, download to your phone, then add music within the Instagram app.

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The Jumping Video – “Get Down On It”

Learning how to clone yourself on video is cool and all… However, you might want to try something else. This jumping video was part of a popular TikTok challenge and is super easy (yet time consuming) to create. You can create this one within Instagram, although it is easier on a desktop editor.

Wondering how to achieve it?

  • First, shoot a plethora of clips featuring you bounding/bouncing off the ground.
  • For more drama and visual appeal, do this with a friend. Vary your jumps and movement.
  • Pro tip: Shoot way more video than you need. You’ll want plenty of options as you begin to edit.
  • Next, upload those clips into your video editor and begin to grab the snippets you want to use.
  • Start each clip the moment your feet leave the ground and end it just before they touch the ground.
  • This creates the “floating on air” effect.
  • Now, speed up your video so it matches the dynamic of the song.


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The “Quick Change”

Finally, let’s manipulate time! Enter the quick change. This creative Instagram Reel will have you changing outfits in a flash, merely by stepping behind an object and emerging out the other end. You will need to use a tripod for this.

  • First, find an “object” to duck behind, such as a fountain, light post, or tree.
  • Shoot your first clip wanting toward that object and stepping behind it.
  • Now, change outfits and position yourself behind the same object. Walk out confidently.
  • In your editing software, select your first clip, ending it the second you disappear behind the object.
  • Now grab your second clip, starting it with you hidden behind the object and emerging from it.
  • Stack the two clips next to each other on your timeline and watch the magic happen!

Ready to get inventive?

In conclusion, remember this is just a starting point. There are so many ways to use these three ideas to put your own spin on an Instagram Reel. Enjoy the process, test things out, and don’t hesitate to DM me (or comment below) if you have any questions.


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