News Anchor Outfits: The BEST of Amazon Dresses

News Anchor Outfits: The BEST of Amazon Dresses

Strike a pose? More like strike a bargain! Today’s quick post is all about rounding up the best news anchor outfits on Amazon. In particular, it focuses on highly recommended dress styles that look both professional and elegant. These bargain finds are all under $45 and offer classic workwear styling. The clean lines, flattering shapes, and screen-friendly colors will serve you well whether you work on-camera or off.

First, a bit of background…

Ladies who work in television news have a bit of an obsession with Amazon finds (this post explains it in full). Why? TV news requires a rather large wardrobe. Wear the same thing too often and viewers notice. However, until you reach a large or national market, the industry rarely offers the compensation necessary to procure designer duds.

Additionally, what’s popular in stores doesn’t always translate well on camera (this post details that). Television demands bold dresses in cheerful hues. That’s where Amazon comes in. It offers a huge array of options at rock bottom prices! Styles shift and change quite frequently, so I spent some time updating this post for 2023. If you’re a news reporter or anchor looking for the best Amazon dresses for work, buckle up! So many pretty dresses to share.

Click on any of the styles below to shop

Black/White Asymmetrical Neckline Dress (under $35!) | Black Bow Heels 

Let’s begin with the elephant in the room… Is everything on Amazon great? Nope. Quality can be hit or miss… and sizing is tricky… but there are plenty of gems to discover! In fact, TV news gals are so enthusiastic about Amazon finds, we routinely share information on social media about sizing, quality, fit, etc.

Although I don’t anchor any more, I am actively training the next generation. As a broadcasting lecturer at Purdue University and content creator, I make sure to keep tabs on current industry/style trends. My students have lots of questions about attire. Like me, they’re hungry for a good deal.

Amazon Dresses for Work – Blue Tones


While I haven’t had an opportunity to personally try on all of the new styles I’m sharing here, I am linking to established Amazon sellers I am already familiar with. Here are my picks for the best Amazon dresses for work in 2023.  I’ll discuss the specific fit details of the dresses I have tried on below. However, let’s start with the freshest styles by color palette.

Women who work on camera are always searching for affordable dresses in vibrant hues. In fact, I often joke that my closet looks like a pack of skittles. Thankfully, 2023 is serving up all the color we crave! Keep swiping to see all my recommended styles. Most have sleeves, either cap, short or long. Dresses with sleeves tend to be more flattering on camera.

Warm Shades


As we dive into these news anchor outfits and Amazon work wear options, I want to share a few quick reminders to help you order with confidence. First, only purchase from sellers who offer free shipping and free returns. Second, if a product has no reviews, steer clear. However, you also want take reviews with a grain of salt.

Read them and read them carefully to glean insight on sizing (photos are particularly helpful for this). But you also need to consider there are many fake or purchased reviews on Amazon. I get several emails each week from sellers looking to artificially inflate the popularity of their items. I’m not in the fake review business, so those hit the trash fast. This article is a great resource on how to spot genuine vs fake reviews.

Glorious Greens

Here are the Amazon dresses I’ve had good luck with, along with detailed fit information.

My goal is to give you an accurate picture of what these dresses look like on a non-model body. For sizing reference, I’m super short (4’11 and a half), relatively flat-chested, and typically wear a 2 in department store dresses. On Amazon, I’m usually a small or size 4. If I’ve hemmed or altered a dress, I will note those changes. Feel free to email me or DM via Instagram if you have questions I don’t cover!

News Anchor Outfits – Dress #1

First up, and my favorite of the bunch, a bold number from HOMEYEE. This dress comes in a variety of color options, as well as a sleeveless variation. While the name is a unusual, HOMEYEE is actually one of the more trusted Amazon fashion brands. Remember the viral “meteorologist” dress? That was a HOMEYEE piece.

I’ve purchased several pieces from this seller and have always been impressed with quality, given the super low price point. The fabric has a nice amount of stretch to it. I was a bit worried the white portion would be see-through. It’s not. Although the dress is not lined, the fabric is thick enough that it doesn’t feel revealing. 

  • Fit Tips: I ordered the size 4. It definitely hugs your curves, but in a good way. Slim cut styles tend to look better on television. If you prefer a more modest fit for a traditional office setting, I would recommend sizing up. I did not alter the length. It hits me just below the knee.

Ruffle Sheath Dress (out of stock) | Similar style available for 2023 ($45)

News Anchor Outfits – Dress #2

Since the original style I shared from VFShow is out of stock, I found a very similar Amazon dress for work from AISIZE. It’s available in 11 colorways. Here is another style with similarities. Should the one from VFShow get restocked, it fit like a dream!  It looks and feels like something you’d spend $100 on at a department store. The fabric is great quality, probably the best I’ve found yet with bargain Amazon dresses. The ruffle detailing and bell sleeve cuffs add a whimsical touch. Additionally, the color is gorgeous. This photo is a touch dark. The dress is actually a rich jewel tone. The company calls it dark fuchsia. The dress is also available in dark green, black, short-sleeve pale pink, and short-sleeve dark green.

  • Fit details: I ordered the small and thought it was perfect, no alterations needed. It hit me at mid-calf, so if you are of average height it will likely be knee length for you. The sleeves are perfect 3/4 length.

High Collar Peplum (similar) ($38) | Convertible Handbag/Cross Body ($21.99)

News Anchor Outfits – Dress #3

Like the previous style, the high collar peplum dress pictured above is also out of stock. However, here’s a more recent style from a reputable (and very popular) Amazon work wear brand. It has the same high collar silhouette and color. Not a burgundy girl? It comes in 12 colorways.

This cut and style made me feel like royalty. I can totally see the Duchess of Cambridge (née Kate Middleton) wearing something similar! The waistline detailing really makes it a standout piece. While the company labels this a work “party” dress, the fabric is more more casual, lending itself to daily office attire. When you first take the dress out of the bag, the peplum might look a little funky. In fact, I initially I thought I’d be returning it. Then I realized I simply needed an iron to “train” the folds. With a little TLC, they sat beautifully as pictured.

  • Fit details: I ordered the small. In my opinion, the dress runs quite long. I hemmed it up about an 1.5″ to get a knee length fit (I’m 4’11.5). It runs a bit slim in the hip area. Consequently, if you are curvy, you might not love this style. In contrast, ladies with more boyish, straight-up-and-down figures will enjoy the shape the peplum creates.

Knot Dress (under $25)

News Anchor Outfits – Dress #4

How gorgeous is this knotting detail at the waist? It is so unique and adds nice shape to the dress. This beauty comes in two colors. Like the others, it is also unlined. The fabric is a casual knit and of decent quality. Please ignore the rumpling in the photo, I should have ironed this before snapping the picture.

  • Fit details: This dress definitely runs larger than the sizing guide. I sized up to a 6, but shouldn’t have. It is a much looser cut than what you see on the model. I also thought the sleeves were wider than pictured. The length, however, is great. It hit me just below the knee. 

Bow Dress (sold out) ($19.99) | Clutch ($18)

News Anchor Outfits – Dress #5

This playful number leans a bit more cocktail. Since it is out of stock, here is a similar option. It comes in several colors and offers some real interest on the sleeves. That said, the fabric is thinner and more revealing than the others I’ve shared. It has nice stretch, but you want to keep the thinner fabric in mind. This one is a bit too long to be flattering on petite women. Best for taller ladies.

  • Fit details: I ordered the small and wished I would have gone up a size. It runs quite small. I did not hem it and it hits me at the mid-calf point. 

Cap Sleeve Ruffle Dress (under $35)

News Anchor Outfits – Dress #6

This ruffled piece from Miusol didn’t photograph particularly well, but it is actually quite pretty in person. I think being petite, the gathers at the waistline hit me a bit too low. However, this would be lovely on a taller gal! More than 1,200 people have reviewed this dress on Amazon and the majority adore it. The color is vibrant and the fabric is super comfy. It’s available in a wide range of bright, bold colors.

  • Fit details: This fits TTS. However, as mentioned above, it is likely better suited to ladies who are a bit taller than me. The fabric is a good quality and skims your curves nicely.

Have you tried Amazon dresses for work before? I’m always scouting for news anchor outfits. Any others you think should be added to this list?


  1. Debra | 1st Dec 19

    I think I’ll be buying #4 in the next few minutes! Wow – I really love these all – you look fab in them.

    • laveremis | 1st Dec 19

      Your blonde hair would really pop with the navy and white! Thanks so much for the kind words. Hope you love it.

  2. Dawn Hopwood | 15th Jun 20

    Love these dresses. How can I purchase them

    • laveremis | 15th Jun 20

      Hi Dawn, you can click on any of the links and you should be directed to the Amazon listing, featuring the various dresses. If for some reason that isn’t working for you, shoot me an email at [email protected] and I can send you a link to the dress you are interested in.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  3. Annette Lynn Watkins | 9th Nov 20

    These are great but really hard to find the right shapewear for a seamless fit.

    • laveremis | 10th Nov 20

      Hi Annette, Yes – Shapewear is tricky. I usually wear super high-waisted shaper tights or shorts (when I say high waisted I mean rib cage area) with mine. Have you checked out Spanx, Assets or Shapermint? They are three places I have had decent luck finding Shapewear. Unfortunately, it’s one of those things you really need to try on to see if it works for you. I really miss fitting rooms! Shopping online can be a bit challenging!

  4. Laura | 12th Apr 21

    This is an amazing post! How do I sign up for your articles? Also, do you have a post on separates? Slacks and blouses specifically?

    • laveremis | 21st Apr 21

      Hi Laura, Thanks for the kind words and for stopping by the blog. Great idea with a post on slacks/blouses. I don’t have one yet, but will definitely work on it for you. You can subscribe to the blog here: But I think you already found this! Sorry for my delayed reply.

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