How to Dress Up Joggers

how to wear joggers without looking frumpy

Let’s get real for a minute… This winter—and New Year’s Eve in particular—will be as chill as they come! Our dialed back at-home celebrations demand cozy comfort. However, if you’re like me, you might still be yearning for festive attire. Although 2020 has been the year of sweatpants not statement fashion… We can strike a balance! One of my favorite ways to do that is by “fancying up” unexpected pieces, like joggers. Wondering how to dress up joggers? Here’s a look I pulled together for New Year’s Eve, plus a few other creative ways to wear this trendy style.

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Flattering vs. Frumpy: How to Dress Up Joggers

  • Avoid bulky, ballooning styles

  • Steer clear of sweat suit fabric, opt for twill/polyester/nylon instead

  • Choose narrow cuts

  • Elongate your leg line by pairing them w/ a heel or wedge

The most important thing to consider if you’re wondering how to dress up joggers is FIT! Joggers look amazing on tall women with long, slender legs. At 4’11, that’s not me… In fact, I used to think there was no way joggers could work on my bulky, muscular legs. This style gets a bad rap for being unflattering. However, if you pay close attention to line and silhouette, joggers can work on most body types!

We want to look sleek, not like we’re ready for grade school gym class. Consequently, it’s important to steer clear of bulky, ballooning styles. You also want to pay close attention to the material.

The most flattering joggers will be a narrow cut. You want them to skim your curves, tapering from hip to ankle rather than puffing out around your ankle. The most casual iterations of joggers (e.g. stretchy cotton or fleece-lined) can be rather hard to wear because they don’t hold their shape well. They can create a lumpy bumpy look. Who wants that? In contrast, joggers in twill, polyester or nylon fabrics look more formal and polished. They provide a visually slimmer appearance because the fabric resists bunching and flows nicely.

how to dress up joggers

Since we’re staying in this New Year’s Eve, I pulled this look together with much-loved pieces I already have in my closet. If you’re unsure how to dress up joggers, remember you don’t need much to shine. One statement piece can do the job!


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For instance, I paired my burgundy joggers (here’s a similar option) with a high neck bow top (a simple black turtleneck will give you the same vibe). But what really injects the festive flair, is the shoe choice! These glittery bow pumps (under $50) from Betsey Johnson have been in my life for 5+ years now and are my go-to for all special occasions. They allow me to feel “fancy” for an hour or so, then I can swap them out for slippers and a sweatshirt to watch the ball drop. Best of all, I know I’ll be comfortable the entire time!

how to dress up joggers

Another fun way to dress up your joggers? Try a denim jacket, lace camisole and leopard heels (these are only $15 and quite comfy)! The jacket lends a touch of informality to the look, making it feel laid back, while the cami and heels offer some sophistication.

Most of the pieces in the collage above are clickable.

Feeling more sporty? A wedge sneaker paired with a long sleeve t-shirt and faux fur jacket will still feel festive. Or you can let your joggers do all the talking and give a sequined, velvet, or boldly patterned number a try! I rounded up a few of the statement jogger styles I have my eye on below. Wishing you a joyous new year!

Let’s kick off 2021 right!


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