How to Score the Best Deals at Carter’s

Carter's Kids Clothes: How to Score the Best Deals

You know that involuntary gasp of… “Oh my gosh, that’s adorable” you tend to see with kids’ clothes?

There was a LOT of that going on at the Carter’s launch party at Lafayette, Indiana’s Tippecanoe Mall. Not only were moms checking out impossibly cute baby gear, they were showing off impossibly cute babies (video proof below). Seriously, I have never seen so many darling kiddos in one place! From five-days-old to the precocious toddler stage, it was a mama & child’s playground.

Lafayette has lost a number of children’s clothing stores recently, so it’s really nice to see another brick and mortar option arrive. In fact, Carter’s put some extra thought into its Lafayette location. This is the first in the nation to have an iPad learning game area situated right next to the fitting room… super handy for entertaining the kiddos as mama shops (photos below).

Why am I writing this? First, Carter’s has been my go-to baby brand since Hudson arrived. Secondly, the manager of Lafayette’s new co-branded Carter’s/Oshkosh B’Gosh store spilled some awesome savings secrets I am eager to share! Who doesn’t want to spend less on baby clothes? Read on to discover how to score the best deals at Carter’s!

Fun fact: I’m orginally from Appleton, Wisconsin, which is very close to Oshkosh, Wis. where Oshkosh B’Gosh got its start in 1895 

Carter's Kids ClothesCorduroy Jacket | My Sweater | Overalls | Buffalo Check Set

I love Carter’s and Oshkosh, here’s why…

I often test the off-brand, Amazon-esque waters for myself, but when it comes to my kiddo, I want quality fabrics and construction. Hudson has super-sensitive skin and won’t wear anything that isn’t impeccably soft (we had a rough time with eczema from birth to year one). Carter’s has the softness and classic styling this mama is looking for. Plus, it offers a price point budget-savvy families can stomach.

Consequently, I was really excited when Lafayette’s Tippecanoe Mall invited me to host an opening party for Carter’s along with fellow local blogger Alexandra, of (she writes about fashion, family, and faith) and pro photographer Kelly McPhail of Kelly McPhail Photography (she took these beautiful photos). We also spotted another area content creator there, Brittney Mason of So fun to collaborate with other ladies who are passionate about writing, photography, and video!

How to score the best deals on Carter's kids clothesBlogger gals enjoying brunch & shopping (me, Alexandra, Brittney)

Best of all, I got to share the experience with my neighborhood gals (below). Our neighborhood is as close-knit as it comes — and there must be something in the water because we ALL have had babies in the last 2 years! In fact, two of these gals have newborns. Can you tell we had a successful shopping trip?

But, let’s get to the POINT of this post…

With Kelly McPhail Photography | My Sweater (off topic, but got a lot of questions about it!)

How to score the best deals at Carter’s

Shop On the Right Days

According to Carter’s management, store markdowns begin Monday with further markdowns of already-reduced clearance items happening by Thursday. By end-of-day Thursday, all new discounts will be complete.

Translation? Thursday is the BEST day to shop at Carter’s. You get first pick of clearance merchandise BEFORE the weekend crowd arrives

Take Advantage of Seasonal Discounts

You will definitely see better deals at certain times of the year. Carter’s launches its best sales going into the holiday season, during back-to-school, and around the new year/tax time. Yes, late September is considered part of the pre-holiday period.

Explore “Rewarding Moments”

Honestly, I’m not huge on “rewards” programs. They can feel annoying and overwhelming. However, this program is worth the effort. It’s how you score the best deals at Carter’s. For every $1 you spend on Carter’s or Oshkosh B’Gosh gear you earn one point. For every 75 points, or $75 spent, you earn $10 in rewards, online and in store. It is shockingly easy to spend $75 when sifting through clothing this cute, so rewards are key!

What’s trendy in kids’ fashion?

Carter’s insiders say muted fall colors are huge this year. Look for a lot of oxblood and plaid, especially buffalo check! Corduroy is making a huge comeback for the tiny folks too.

I found the sweetest corduroy jacket for Hudson and don’t even get me started on how darling the girl’s clothing is. Carter’s has an amazing array of jumper sets, tunic/legging combos, and boots that will make mama swoon. Here’s what I scooped up for Hudson…

Happy shopping! 

Floral BootsMy SweaterCarter's Kids Clothes: How to Score the Best Deals

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