Is Chicwish Legit? Honest Review for 2022

If you’ve landed here, chances are Chicwish has piqued your curiosity. Perhaps a banner ad featuring one of its flirty, feminine skirts caught your attention. Or maybe it was a romantic dress with fanciful details… or an influencer styling one of its exquisitely detailed crochet tops? Either way, you want to know if you can trust it! Is Chicwish legit? What about Chicwish sizing? Ladies – We’ll cover it all in this post.

There are lots of Insta-famous brands out there. Some are worth the hype, others not so much. In this brutally honest Chicwish review, I’m sharing the scoop on everything I’ve learned about the trendy brand in 3+ years of ordering from its site.

I’ve tried just about everything it offers – dresses, skirts, sweaters, coats, blazers, tops, and swimwear – so I can speak with authority on cost, quality, and fit.

Chicwish dresses ruffled red with

We’ll touch on everything you need to know before placing your first order, including a few tips and tricks about getting Chicwish sizing right (read this section carefully). I’ll also share examples of what I’ve ordered in each category and what I recommend you steer clear of.

Spoiler alert, yes – Chicwish is a legit. It is a real company. In fact, most of its pieces are pretty great. There’s a reason, I keep coming back year after year!

While Chicwish occasionally sends me clothing to photograph and style for its social media marketing, I also shop the site. It is not paying me to write this review. Rather, I’m writing it to serve as a resource for those of you who like do their homework rather than make an impulse buy.  

Is Chicwish legitimate honest reviewRuffled Red Dress | Heels 

What is Chicwish?

It’s always helpful to start with the basics. For those combing Chicwish reviews and asking is Chicwish legit, I’ll offer a few comparisons and some baseline info updated for 2022. First, this is a reputable company. Chicwish is not a scam, nor a fly-by-night website with a shady return policy. You will receive the exact item that is pictured on the model. I know this from personal experience, after hundreds of dollars in orders!

For instance, US Weekly named a Chicwish skirt a “top spring fashion pick for shoppers.” I own the aforementioned skirt and completely agree! Travel and Leisure included a Chicwish coat on its list of “The 12 Best Peacoats for Women.” The one they mention is also the real-deal (I’m wearing it in this Instagram post and it has landed on Amazon’s best-sellers list). It’s definitely a winner.

Chicwish skirts yellow maxi with black ruffled bodysuit

On Trust Pilot, Chicwish is ranked as “excellent” with a 4.5 star rating. Sitejabber gives it a 4.69 star review based on 7,000+ reviews. However, some people get concerned with Chicwish BBB reviews. While the company has a 4.44/5 star rating there, which is quite good, the Better Business Bureau has not accredited the site.

Personally, I wouldn’t let that stop you from ordering. I’ve been consistently pleased with Chicwics, but want to give you the full picture and all available information.

You can find additional social proof online – Chicwish is a cult favorite among style bloggers and regularly draws positive reviews. In fact, if you like seeing “real people” photos of an item before pulling the trigger, Chicwish is the place to be! Not only does it have a plethora of styled content creator images for most garments, but it also offers customer review photos.

Chicwish skirts flowing yellow maxiMaxi Skirt | Ruffled Swimsuit (Worn as a Bodysuit)

Cost, Quality, Construction – Is Chicwish Legit?

Chicwish is an international, online-only store specializing in uniquely feminine, often vintage-inspired styles. That’s why it appealed so much to me in the first place. I like to find pieces that look a bit different from what you’d see in a department store. I want them to have eye-catching details and nods to classic elegance. Chicwish has always felt very whimsical and fun to me.

In cost and quality, it’s comparable to Zara, Express, LOFT, or the higher priced items at HM. You might even call it a cheaper version of Anthropologie. For example, garments almost always have a secondary lining (if one doesn’t, this is noted in the item description). The fabrics and construction usually meet my standards.

Chicwish reviews_neutral tulle skirtSkirt 

Some garments have knocked my socks off and far exceeded expectations, other felt “meh.” I’d say my love vs. like ratio is 80/20. Dress prices hover around $60 – tops around $30 – and outwear rests in the $90 range.

Moral of the story? Don’t make the mistake of lumping Chicwish in with disposable, one-time wear fashion brands like SHEIN. Yes, Chicwish pieces ship from China but are very well made. Items I bought from Chicwish years ago are still in my closet rotation – and I wear them a lot.

Chicwish tops bow detail black sweater

Shipping Time

If you’re asking is Chicwish legit, shipping may be a prime concern. Shipping and returns are free for U.S. customers. As far as speed, this is the brand’s downside and likely why you see some negative Chicwish reviews floating around in 2022. While shipping is dependable, it’s not what I’d call fast.

Will you get your items? Without fail. However, there is some variance in arrival times. Sometimes it takes two weeks; other times it takes three. Consequently, if you’re ordering an item for a specific event, give yourself a bit of pad time to ensure a timely arrival. Like other national and international companies, shipping challenges have impacted Chicwish significantly.

Is Chicwish Legit_ombre tulle dress

elegant ombre tulle dress

Need an item super fast? I would recommend shopping its Amazon store, where many items are available on Prime. The selection is more limited than what you will find on the full Chicwish website (which is quite extensive), but it is a great way to test the waters and see if this brand is for you.

This is actually how I first experienced Chicwish. I used Prime to order its turn down shawl collar coat in black (size XS). It arrived right on time and the quality blew me away! It was prettier in person and much warmer than I anticipated.

Additionally, Chicwish has a tendency to ship out your items as soon as they are ready. This means it might break your order apart into multiple shipments. It won’t tell you about this in the package, so that can be a tad confusing. Don’t freak out if an item is missing. They come eventually.

Chicwish tops - puffed sleeve with bow

puffed sleeve bow top paired with denimBow Top

Can You Return Chicwish Pieces?

Now, let’s talk returns. The company has made some steps forward in this area and now offers free returns. Here’s a link to its full return policy for U.S. customers. You have three options when making a return to Chicwish…

Chicwish’s return options: 

  • Store credit + $2 bonus (to help you find something new)
  • Refund to original payment if returned within 30 days
  • Exchange within 30 days of shipment

I think the website is a touch deceptive in calling returns “free.” If you read carefully, the company later notes $4.90 cents will be deducted from your refund amount if you use Chicwish’s return label. You are welcome to use your own return label for free.

However, for those asking – Is Chicwish legitimate? – I wouldn’t necessarily call its return policy a dark spot. In fact, the mere existence of a stated return policy is better than a lot of online retailers. I appreciate the fact that Chicwish maps things out with specific details. Too many retailers leave returns vague and questionable – or have no policy at all.

Blue and white skirt paired with dotted topwoman swishing skirt in front of historic theaterStriped Skirt | Polka Dot Top | Stiletto Sandals

Other FAQs – Is Chicwish Legit?

Chicwish Sizing/Fit

As a petite (4’11), sizing is always a challenge for me. In fact, it’s one of the reasons, I usually avoid online shopping. It’s all too easy to look you’re wearing a paper bag at my height! However, one thing I want to make abundantly clear for those seeking 2022 Chicwish reviews, is that the brand makes it pretty easy to find the perfect fit. Unlike most retailers, Chicwish sizing includes very detailed measurements of each garment. This includes length, bust, waist, shoulder and sleeve measurements in both inches and centimeters. It generally also includes notes what size the model is wearing.

However, Chicwish pieces have some variety in their fit by design. You can see it on the model. Some are crafted to fit short and slim (ideal for petites), while others are quite oversize. Pay attention to the fit on the model and read the sizing notes. If you take clear and accurate measurements, you will end up pleased with your order.

  • Side note – If something is listed as a cropped top, it is quite cropped and must be paired with a high waist skirt or pant if you don’t want to show your midriff.

Does Chicwish Ship From China?

Yes. Chicwish is based China and your order will come from China. It also has offices in the US and UK. If you are leery of security in storing your payment information, using Paypal for your payment can add an additional layer of security. Alternatively, you could shop the Chicwish Amazon store.

Chicwish chunky sweatersSweater | Bow Shoes

Overall Pros and Cons


  • Huge selection of highly unique, feminine, and whimsical items
  • Detailed sizing information, including length and sleeve measurements
  • Quality construction
  • Website includes customer reviews and styled photos of most garments
  • Tends to be petite-friendly – styles are often shorter/smaller than most department store items


  • Items occasionally ship separately, which means Chicwish may break your order up without notifying you
  • Limited plus size offerings
  • Styles move quickly and sometimes sell out before you can nab what you want
  • There are a TON of styles, so many the offerings can feel a little overwhelming at times

My Personal Experience

 My overall conclusion for those asking is Chicwish legitimate? This brand is a safe bet and 100 percent legitimate! In fact, it’s one of my favorite brands. I have most success with Chicwish dresses, skirts, and tops, so I recommend you start there if you are new to the brand. Pants can be a bit more difficult and outwear is hit or miss.

I’ve had both AMAZING experiences with outerwear and others where the jacket felt “meh” and a little cheap. I believe my husband’s word for one of my Chicwish coats was “rumpled.” So let’s dive into the various categories…

Chicwish dresses - blue and white floral wedding guest dressDress

Chicwish Dresses

Recommendation: Green light! 

You really can’t go wrong with Chicwish dresses. This is where the brand really excels. There are so many feminine confections (and new styles added weekly), it can be quite hard to choose.

For example, the dress above is a perennial shopper favorite and makes an ideal wedding guest dress. I had my eye on it for a year before pulling the trigger. Don’t know what I was waiting for! It’s amazing – beautiful, flowy material and the sweetest ruffling at the neckline. It fits TTS (I’m wearing the XS), has a zip back closure and self-tie straps at the shoulder. Here are a few other Chicwish dresses I think you’ll love as much as I do…

magenta tulle skirt

Chicwish Skirts

Recommendation: Green light! 

I adore Chicwish skirts. They have a massive selection and some of the most flirty styles around. However, this is one category where it is very important to pay attention to sizing notes.

Chicwish mini skirts are quite short. At 4’11, that’s a plus for me… but I know it could be problematic for taller ladies. If you are looking for a statement skirt in a specific color, Chicwish is a great place to start. You can search by color or style.

I’ve been pleased with every skirt I’ve ordered from Chicwish (10+ styles) except one – this number. It wrinkled easily and was a very unflattering length. The brand doesn’t stock it anymore, so perhaps others agreed with me? Now, here are some Chicwish skirts that do hit the mark!

Chicwish outerwear - honest review

Chicwish Outerwear

Recommendation: Yellow light!

Outerwear is often a question for those wondering if Chicwish is legitimate. In fact, the jacket pictured above might be the brand’s most visible item online. It popped up in my social feed and is a huge seller on Amazon. It is absolutely amazing. Thick and warm, but figure flattering at the same time. A polyester/wool blend that is nice and soft, unlike many wool blends. It is also available in multiple colorways. I loved it so much, I scooped it up in two colors.

tan coat in front of placeChicwish jackets - tan coatCoat

So why the yellow light? Sadly, while the majority of Chicwish outerwear is excellent, some is just okay. Above is that coat my husband described as “rumpled.” It’s not awful, but tends to look a little sloppy and doesn’t cut the chic silhouette I was looking for.

Chicwish Sweaters

Recommendation: Green Light! 

Chicwish is known for its thick and chunky knits. Want a really warm sweater for fall or winter? This is the place! You might actually end up too warm. When I say chunky, these sweaters are quite heavy. In some cases, they might overwhelm a petite frame if you don’t balance our your proportions with a more fitted bottom (e.g. slim cut jeans or a fitted skirt).

I cherish the sweaters I have from Chicwish and wear them quite a lot. The brand has lots of cardigan options, as well as its signature chunky knits.

Chicwish sweaterspom pom sweater with vibrant rainbow hat

Chicwish swimwear

Recommendation: Yellow light

Finally, let’s chat Chicwish swimwear. I really hate giving Chicwish a yellow light rating in this category because I have some swimsuits from them that I truly adore. However, sizing can be a real challenge in this category.

For instance, when I ordered this suit, I was over the moon in love with it. So so gorgeous and well made. Then I tried it on… I couldn’t even close the top. I have an unusually large rib cage, but this is the first time I’ve been unable to close a suit. The second time I ordered a Chicwish swimsuit, I sized WAY up – ordering a medium instead of my usually small or XS. That did the trick.

Chicwish swimwear review

Additionally, few suits are available in a size past large. That means, Chicwish swimwear caters almost exclusively to petite-average size women. It is not what I’d call not plus-size friendly. However, Chicwish makes up for that with the quality of its suits. These are so well constructed. I can’t believe they aren’t more expensive!

Now, it’s your turn! Have you ever ordered from Chicwish? What did you think? Drop your feelings in the comments and if you have a question about any of the items I discussed, shoot me a DM on Instagram or ask below.

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