Liven Up Your Look: Spring Trends to Try

spring 2021 trends to try

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not exactly a trendy dresser. Nine times out of ten, I go for the classics. However, it’s always nice to feel current. In fact, after a fashion-starved year, I’m guessing I’m not the only one itching to update their wardrobe. Ready to embrace a few purely joyful pieces? Here are 4 spring trends to try.

This season, retailers are offering us plenty to smile about. Perhaps making up for lost time, they have filled their collections with clothing that screams fun! It’s all too easy to click that “add to cart” button… or better yet fill that cart in person!

That said, when adding something trendy, it pays to remain budget conscious. Who wants to overspend on something you might not adore years down the road? Consequently, the items you see here are all at a low to moderate price point.

4 spring trends to try

spring trends to tryDress | Puffed Sleeve Top | Mini Skirt | Straw Clutch | Beaded Handbag 

#1) Oversize Victorian Sleeves

Want high drama? This spring, puffy is the new pretty! You will find a plethora of options that take you back to the 19th century Victorian era. What makes this one of our spring trends to try? Oversize volume at the sleeve will create the illusion of a slimmer waist. It’s an instant touch of feminine glam!

My dress above is one of my all-time favorite SHEIN finds. It’s so unique and the great quality for a $22 price point.

If you’re worried about pulling off this voluminous look, try balancing the bold sleeve with a fitted bottom. This will downplay the drama. It also helps to keep your accessories neutral. You don’t want various aspects of your outfits competing with each other. For instance, I paired this Target t-shirt with a distinctly modern and slim cut mini skirt ($15). You can finish off the look with an affordable straw clutch.

spring trends - scalloped hemlines

spring trends 2021Scalloped Skort (has built in shorts) | Hooded Pullover 

#2) Scalloped Hemlines 

It’s simple, classic, and adds a ton of charm. Scalloped hemlines seem to pop back into style every couple of years… and for good reason! This subtle touch can make even the most basic piece feel elevated and definitely makes the list of spring trends to try. In  2021, you’ll find it on everything from tops to shoes to bags.

I’m completely smitten with this running skirt athleisure company Peach sent me. In fact, I loved it so much, I snagged it in black too… then pulled the trigger on the Provence Pullover, a sweatshirt with the same scalloped edge. If you’ve never heard of Peach, be sure to check them out. This small, female-founded brand offers quality construction and collections that always keep versatility in mind. Its styles can carry you from day to night.

#3) Square-Toe Heels – Spring Trends to Try

This one is all about comfort and androgynous appeal. Yup, in 2021 it is hip to be square. Whether in a boot or sandal, square is the shape of the moment. I’ve been particularly drawn to square-toed sandals. They give your feet so much room and surface area. I find braided styles in neutral hues especially pretty for spring.

spring trends to try - vibrant orangeDress (Target) | Clutch (Soli & Sun)

#4) Vibrant Orange/Coral – Spring Trends to Try 

Finally, you can call me a traffic cone…  but I adore orange. Apparently I’m not the only one! Several designers’ spring collections featured vibrant orange and coral. In fact, some buyers are calling it the “color of the moment.” It make sense… After a long winter, this punchy hue will instantly put you in a happy mood.

You can go all-in for orange by trying a flirty maxi/midi dress. Alternatively, you add vibrancy in a more subtle manner with color blocking or give yourself a dose of orange with a happy tank top or pleated skirt.


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