MM LaFleur Review: Casual Comfort for the Office

MM LaFleur Reviews

We all have one… a piece of clothing you always grab in moments when you need to look polished but don’t have time to think about it. It’s like a suit of armor, an instant confidence-booster that never fails and consistently flatters. Allow me to introduce you to mine—and the brand behind it. I’m talking about the Jardigan from MM LaFleur. From teaching to travel, it has been a lifesaver. In fact, it’s such a staple, I snagged it in two colors. And it’s not the only thing to love about MM LaFleur! If you’ve been combing MM LaFleur reviews looking for an honest take on the brand, you’ve come to the right place! 

A friend of mine turned me onto this brand pre-pandemic. She’s a high-powered Purdue professor who regularly does national media appearances and needs a wardrobe to match. However, she’s also a busy mom and doesn’t want to spend a ton of time fussing with/curating her wardrobe.

She needs pieces that hold up over time and are a breeze to style. Therefore, she turns to MM LaFleur.

MM LaFleur Reviews - Power Casual for the OfficeCynthia Dress | Merritt Jardigan | Beebe Belt

The brand is a cult-favorite among working women who juggle it all. MM LaFleur impeccably balances form with function, offering clothing pieces that are not only beautiful, but also make sense for the way we live.

I’m talking about items that can carry you way past your 9-5! These classic styles work for the office, weekend, and everything in between. Consequently, I’m teaming up with a fellow petite friend —Beth Ferguson of— to share how MM LaFleur fits into our lives and why it might be a great choice for you too. Let’s begin with MM LaFleur’s mission statement. It’s a perfect entry point…

When women succeed, the world becomes a better place. Our goal is to take the work out of getting dressed, so that you can focus on the work that matters to you.

I like the sound of that… How about you?

MM LaFleur and Honest Review

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About the Brand – MM LaFleur Reviews

Although this brand might be new to you, it’s quite established in the women’s workwear scene. Business Insider included it in its 10 best places to shop for women’s workwear and company founder Sarah LaFleur was recently featured in Forbes discussing the future of women’s workwear and on Inc. talking about rebounding from the pandemic. LaFleur launched her workwear company back in 2013 hoping to correct a pain point she experienced herself.

While there are scores of brands offering trendy fast-fashion pieces, she noticed the landscape is rather sparse for women who work in environments that retain a more traditional dress code. What do you wear when you want to project authority, but look fresh and feminine at the same time?

LaFleur brought on a designer (Miyako Nakamura – the former head designer or Zac Posen) to offer professional women a sartorial answer—practicality with a bit of punch.

functional workwear - the little black dressCynthia Dress | Merritt Jardigan | Beebe Belt

Read a few MM LaFleur reviews and you will quickly see LaFleur nailed it! Necklines are never too low. Hemlines are appropriate yet flattering. And most pieces are machine-washable! LaFleur’s team recognized that working women don’t want to shell out a ton of money on dry cleaning, nor do we want to sacrifice comfort for style.

As the brand puts it, MM LaFleur strives to offer “I could nap in this comfort.” LaFleur calls it Power Casual, workwear that meets those increasingly blurry lines between work and home.

best travel blazer - Merritt jardiganneutral chic cardigan in SwedenJardigan (MM LaFleur) | Hat (French Knot) | Convertible Mitten (French Knot)  

What sets MM LaFleur styles apart?

  • Functional details – adjustable hems, hidden buttons to prevent gaping, bra-strap holders
  • Comfort – fabrics are stretchy and comfortable, very different from the feel of traditional workwear
  • Style – these are pieces that help you “own the room” in the most elegant way possible

The other point of differentiation is MM LaFleur’s customer service. This company believes in work/life balance and walks the talk. It offers copious resources for professional women online via its digital magazine, TheM—Dash. The publication not only offers wardrobe advice, but also touches on career development, self-confidence, and well-being. Much like MM LaFleur’s attire, it’s the total package.

MM LaFleur reviews navy jardigan style two waysNavy Jardigan | Straight Jeans | Orange Wide Leg Pant | Tropical Leaf Earring 

How I Wear Power Casual

I stumbled on this brand at exactly the right time. While my rainbow-hued closet of sleek, slim-fitting dresses outfitted me perfectly for on-camera work (this blog post explains), I found I needed something more practical to teach journalism. My prior wardrobe simply wasn’t working for my new role. The dress code at Purdue University is much more laid back than a TV news set. Moreover, my course (multiplatform journalism) involves toting camera gear around and a lot of movement.

The MM LaFleur reviews are right! This brand solves problems and makes getting dressed a snap. I don’t have to think critically about how to style these pieces. They’re grab and go!

This is especially true of the Merritt Jardigan. Talk about a wardrobe unicorn! This was my perfect solution. It offered the professional polish I crave. The style looks like a fitted blazer, but feels like a cardigan. It’s also wrinkle resistant, making it ideal for travel. I brought it with me on a work trip to Sweden and it performed beautifully. I own it two colors, latte and navy (size XS).

Quick note for my petite pals: the sleeves on the Merritt are long. I roll the cuffs to make it work for me, so keep that in mind if rolled sleeves would bug you. I recommend sizing down in the Merritt. The fabric has a lot of stretch and the fit is generous. MM LaFleur offers three different styles of Jardigans with varying lengths, as well as tops and skirts in the same knit to create a head-to-toe look.

MM LaFleur reviews

What I appreciate most about this style is how easily it morphs from work to weekend. I pair my Jardigan with a chic dress or trousers for work, then slip on a pair of jeans for an elegant casual look. It’s that easy – instant polish! However, MM LaFleur is also cognizant of a working woman’s need to feel current. Yes, we adore classics, but want them to feel fresh. Consequently, MM LaFleur also carries pieces that lean into the season’s trending colors and a few flirty options for those rare nights out.

From its new fall collection, I added the Whitney Skirt to my wardrobe. The vegan leather style is a petite-friendly high rise style that is so fun to wear. The rich brown pairs well with so many fall hues!

neutral chic cardiganMM LaFleur faux leather skirtVegan Leather Skirt | Seamless Turtleneck T-Shirt | Bag | Ankle Booties

How Does MM LaFleur Fit?

It’s the quintessential question… particularly if you’re shopping online. While MM LaFleur has a few locations—DC, Bryant Park, and a Chicago Pop Up—it is primarily an online retailer.  After reading a ton of MM LaFleur reviews, I noticed a lot of people asking if the brand runs small. As a petite (4’11 – measurements 33-26-36) who often struggles with fit, I feel uniquely qualified to answer that.

I wouldn’t say it runs small. Rather, most of the pieces I’ve ordered fit TTS. One of the things I appreciate immediately about MM LaFleur is how the brand offers fit and wear pointers, with categories for petite-friendly, tall-friendly and travel-friendly styles. When you read those notes carefully (as well as the sizing guide) it is very easy to nail the fit. The only piece I felt ran small was the brand’s Foster Pant (see first image below).

While the classic style is super flattering and its adjustable hem is the coolest (Why can’t everyone offer this option?), the pant is best on women with slim legs. As a former gymnast/cheerleader, I have thicker, muscular thighs. Consequently, the style felt a bit tight on me.

Is MM LaFleur Worth it?

I won’t sugar coat it, MM LaFleur pieces aren’t inexpensive. However, in my humble opinion, they are absolutely worth it. These are high quality investment items you will wear for years to come. If you’re looking to simplify your morning routine and create a capsule wardrobe, MM LaFleur will help you get there with its carefully curated offerings. But, don’t just take my word for it…

Beth Ferguson sasforshort

Now, it’s time to pass this topic on to Beth Ferguson. She also writes about petite-friendly fashion, offering midlife women tips and tricks to live their best lives. She’s styling a different Jardigan style today. CLICK HERE to read her post. You can find her on Instagram here.

Meanwhile, please let me know if you have any questions about MM LaFleur. Here’s a link to its new fall collection!


  1. jodie filogomo | 16th Sep 22

    I am popping over from Beth’s post and am excited to see your blog. I love you on IG and didn’t even realize you had a space here!!

    • laveremis | 28th Sep 22

      Hi Jodie,
      So good to see you here! Now, I’m diving into all of your wonderful blog posts. A bit of binge reading today… Great stuff!

  2. Rebecca | 18th Feb 23

    Hi! I am also petite and coincidently have the same measurements as you, what size do you normally order? Also, I’m thrilled to see they have a Second act program for gently used pieces and many are available on online thrift retailers making these pieces something I can actually purchase on my student budget!

    • laveremis | 18th Feb 23

      Hi Rebecca, oh how perfect. I generally order a size 2 in M.M. LaFleur dresses and an XS in tops, like the Merritt Jardigan. If you can find one of those with the Second Act program, snag it. It’s super versatile and one of my favorite closet pieces. I have found a 0 seems to work best in skirts, like the Whitney. I’ve tried a 2, but it seemed a little roomy in the waist. I rarely buy pants online without trying them in store, but tried the Foster pant. I have larger thighs, so the 2 was super tight. I recently ordered it in the 4, which was better – but long on a 4’11 person. If you have any additional questions, please let me know!

  3. Rebecca | 18th Feb 23

    Thank you! that is very helpful! I also have larger thighs and generally wear a 4 in pants and just hem or roll pretty much everything. How roomy are the shoulders in the tops? I’m always a little nervous to order things with sleeves and frequently need to size up since I’ve got broader shoulders.
    I’m thrilled to have found your blog, I’m sure it will save me quite a few returns. It’s such a challenge to find things that fit when you might be anywhere from an XS to a M depending on the brand and cut.

    • laveremis | 13th Mar 23

      Oops so sorry Rebecca! I missed this. Hmmm shoulders – I would say they are standard or slightly narrow. I wear their XS in tops and have found it works pretty well.

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