‘Pretty’ is an attitude + a spring dress 3 ways

pretty shirt dress

Spring often has us thinking of beauty—flowers, soft colors and sunshine. We clean our homes, freshen up our closets and gravitate to “pretty” things.

But what about a pretty attitude? Are we chasing that too?

When I think about people who are truly beautiful, looks come second to kind and gentle personalities. Naturally, we can all rattle off the names of Hollywood stars we think are gorgeous. But think long and hard about the pretty people you know personally, I’ll bet their beauty is more than skin deep.

Spring always has me feeling a bit reflective. As the snow melts away and the first flower buds begin to sprout, it’s a time of renewal. It’s also a great time to assess my interactions with others. Am I living up to the beauty around me? Am I doing enough to help others? Do I show patience? The tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida is a painful reminder of just how quickly loved ones or neighbors can be taken away.

So, today—before we talk fashion—let’s make a commitment to pursuing the “pretty” you can’t see!

My “pretty pledge” 

  1. Be patient:    When a situation or person frustrates me, I will try to step back and react with tolerance. It’s impossible to know the “back story” that may be driving the actions of others, so why do we assume the worst? I want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

  2. Give (genuine) compliments:    Do you ever find yourself thinking, but not vocalizing a compliment? Perhaps we think that person “hears it all the time” or wouldn’t appreciate our words. Compliments—when warranted—are rarely unwelcome. The next time your co-worker kills it in a presentation, your waiter/waitress delivers the best service you’ve ever had, or a stranger’s fashion sense just wows you, TELL them.

  3. Be present:    With cell phones and social media omnipresent, I really struggle with this one. My family deserves more. When I am with them, they will be my focus. 

  4. Truly listen:    There is an art to listening and I fear it’s quickly becoming a lost art. Have you ever had a conversation and caught yourself inattentive, waiting for the next gap to interject with your point or story? Can you honestly say you fully heard the other speakers, or were you mentally rehearsing what you planned to say. REAL listening is engaged. It’s asking questions and genuinely caring about the responses.

  5. Put someone else first (aside from family):    We likely already do this for our family members, especially children, but what about friends or co-workers? If someone asks for help, do I volunteer wholeheartedly or begrudgingly? Am I readily available to lend an ear? Can I serve as a mentor or guide a young person?

spring shirt dress

Shirt Dress | Denim Heels | Earrings (Similar)  | Shell Clutch (Similar)

Somehow, I think writing these down will help keep me accountable. Do you have a personal pledge? Any suggestions to add to this list? Let me know in the comments below! Now, let’s talk about this dress.

The spring dress

This spring shirt dress is from Old Navy. Right now, it’s on super sale—only $20! What makes it swoon-worthy? First, it has pockets—YES! Second, it is made of the… softest… fabric. Feels SO luxurious against your skin.

In addition to my pink version, you can get it in olive, gray and denim. I’m not usually a pink gal, however, this just screams spring and I was eager to venture outside my fashion comfort zone. It’s great for travel. You can dress it up, dress it down and take it through multiple seasons!

Wear now

spring shirt dress styled for wintershirt dress styled for winterTone down the sugar sweetness of the pink with black tights, boots with metal accents, a great bag and black jewelry. For work, I also tossed on a black jacket. My boots and bag are really old, but here are some similar items

Wear later 

spring dress styled for summer Nothing says spring and summer like a great pair of espadrilles. I opted for blue wedges—at 4’11” I need the height—but this would also look fantastic with sandals. While I went with blue accents, this would be equally stunning with neutral pieces. Add a great cross body bag and aviators and you’re ready for any adventure. You can layer on a denim jacket for cool evenings. My shoes and bag are both quite old and no longer available. Here are some similar (even cuter) items I have my eye on.


 Wear to a party

This spring dress looks great with an additional pop of color. Its casual style easily transitions to a more elegant affair with matching denim heels, ball drop earrings and a fun clutch. My capiz shell bag is about a decade old. I haven’t found anything quite like it, but did find a few options you might enjoy.

spring dress styled for a party



  1. alice | 27th Feb 18

    Love your blog

  2. Victoria Martin | 27th Feb 18

    Beautiful, inside and out!!

  3. Annemarie LeBlanc | 28th Feb 18

    A nice shirt dress is always nice to have in your wardrobe. I like the one you have here. The color is so feminine and I love those wedge heels. Perfect for spring!

  4. Miljana | 28th Feb 18

    I love the dress! It looks awesome with those open shoes, and you are very cute!

  5. Elizabeth O | 28th Feb 18

    I really like your pretty pledges, they are all really kind ideas. I also adore the shirt dress, the colour is perfect for springtime!

  6. Holly Lasha | 28th Feb 18

    Ooh…I love this look. That color is so pretty on you. I might have to copy this look.

  7. Alicia Taylor | 28th Feb 18

    I adore it best with the black shoes – and I love your tip on “being present.” I feel like cell phones are the bane of modern society. I hate trying to talk to someone and they are on their phone the whole time.

  8. Jennifer | 28th Feb 18

    I love the color. And the drawstring waist is so fab, too! 🙂

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