Romantic Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day

romantic hairstyles to try

Whether you’re staying in or going out, Valentine’s Day calls for something special. You want to feel romantic. So, why not start with your hair? Here are several romantic hairstyles you can pull off in minutes… no styling skills required! These are equally perfect for watching Netflix in your pajamas or for dining out dressed to the nines.

What’s the secret? Braided headbands!

These synthetic hairpieces are my secret weapon for quick, yet statement-making hair.

  • They can rescue a bad hair day (and I’ve had plenty of those this year)
  • Help disguise roots (it’s been a year since I had a hair appointment, so this is also crucial)
  • Are incredibly easy to use
  • And come at an affordable price point

Madison Braids is my go-to brand for this type of hair accessory. It carries headbands in a wide range of shades—even silver gray!  Each hairpiece has an adjustable elastic strap at the bottom to ensure a comfortable fit. I was a bit nervous I’d pick the wrong color, but found “brunette” a perfect match. When choosing your shade, make sure to consider your hair color at the roots as well as any highlights. If you’re stuck between two shades, I would err on the darker side. This will help you get the most natural look.

Now, let’s get styling!

romantic hairstyles for Valentine's Dayromantic hairstyles Dress (only $22!) | Braided Headband | Belt

Romantic Hairstyles – Style #1 “Crowning Glory”

While this might look complex, it’s as easy as romantic hairstyles get! To achieve the look, I used the Addie Knots style band. First, style your hair as you normally would. I personally prefer a loose, soft curl because I think that fits the style of the hairpiece best.

Now, pull the headband on your head, so it sits like a crown. Push it back ever so slightly, so it rests slightly behind your hairline. Moving your hands to the back of your head, pull a section of hair out and over the headband. If desired, tuck a small section of hair around your face and secure by wrapping around the headband.

Romantic Hairstyles – Style #2 “Feminine Fishtail”


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romantic hairstyles for Valentine's Day

For low key celebrations, I love the idea of fishtail braid—especially if you use your fingers to soften the look and loosen the braid. I used the Arisa Fishtail for this style and finished it off by fashioning my own hair into a fishtail braid. Don’t let fishtails intimidate you! Take it from a gal who can’t even French braid—these are super easy to achieve. The video (above) will walk you through the styling… I have another video tutorial in this post or you can follow the instructions below:

  1. Pull headband around your neck.
  2. Reserve two small sections of hair on each side of your face. Pull headband up, leaving reserved sections behind.
  3. Wrap reserved sections around headband to help blend the braid into your natural hair.
  4. Gather hair into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic.
  5. Split ponytail into two even sections.
  6. Grab small piece of hair from outside left section. Pull this piece across the top and over to the right section.
  7. Grab small piece of hair from outside right section. Pull across the top of the right section to the left.
  8. Repeat!

Arisa Fishtail

Romantic hairstyles – Style #3 “Timeless Traditional”

In a hurry? Try the easiest of our romantic hairstyles! For this look, you’ll want to part your hair on the side. Style the bottom in the manner you prefer (I use a curling want for loose waves). Now, simply pull up your braided headband…. and ta-da… you’re done! It looks elaborate, but is really a breeze.

Styling Questions?

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