Spring Dresses & Random Mood Boosters

What a week… what a month! It seems life as we know it is on a permanent pause. I’m still trying to adjust to the new normal. But honestly, the slower pace of life and “safer at home” scenario feels really strange. How is your family holding up? I hope you are safe and well. Today’s post might feel a little frivolous given these uncertain times, but we all need a bit of escapist fun. So, I want to talk about one of my favorite parts of spring—spring dresses. Specifically, we’ll be taking a look at three stylish options from Maggy London’s new collection… and why you’ll love them as much as I do!

After the long, cold months of winter, pastel palettes and feminine details have a way of lifting your spirits. For me, it started when I was a little girl. Spring dresses were a family tradition, something to anticipate and look forward to. My mother and I always went shopping for that perfect Easter dress. Decades later, little has changed. We still love spring dresses. We’re just doing our shopping online this year. And let me tell you… Maggy London is hitting “spring” out of the park!

Stick around till the end of this post and I’ll also be sharing a list of random mood boosters. These silly, small things make me smile. If you’re in COVID-induced funk right now, I’m hoping they might just cheer you up too…

spring dresses - wedding guest dressspring dresses and random mood boostersThe Nicola - spring dresses by Maggy LondonLavender Flounce Dress | Heels 

  • Need happy shades?

  • Looking for updated, yet classic silhouettes?

  • Want a piece you can love now, but will also wear for years to come?

Before we dive into the specifics of my three picks, I want to tell you a bit more about Maggy London. This is a brand I collaborate with again and again on this blog (here’s the first time we teamed up). Why? I loved this company long before I started blogging. In fact, I first got my introduction to the women’s workwear brand while working as a news anchor. The consultants our TV station worked with recommended Maggy because it has a knack for flattering the female form in a classic/conservative way. Maggy dresses are the type of pieces that allow the woman who is wearing them to take center stage.

Spring Dresses Pick #1: “The Nicola”

I could almost smell the lilacs, when I chose this lavender confection. Talk about a perfect wedding guest dress… The detailing is simply dreamy! You will feel feminine, sophisticated, and comfortable for any of your special occasion or work need.s The detailing at the waist hits your body in just the right place. When paired with the flounced hem, it really has a slimming effect. The dress is fully lined and is made of a crosshatch fabric that feels light and airy. Wear the Nicola to a wedding and you’ll be comfortable dancing all night long! This soft palette is perfect for bridal/baby showers too.

Sizing notes — For reference, I’m wearing the 2R. I’m a shorty… just shy of 5′. I followed Maggy London’s sizing guide to the letter and felt like it fits fairly TTS. Normally, when ordering from Maggy, I opt for petite sizing. However, my favorite spring dresses weren’t available in petite cuts. The regular size was a bit loose up top (I’m rather flat chested), but I was still pleased with the overall fit. **Pro tip: The Maggy London website provides length measurements for all of its dresses. If length is your major issue, you’ll find some the regular sized dresses actually have higher hemlines than Maggy’s petite styles. So you don’t always have to be limited to the petite options.**

spring dresses the pattyspring dresses - Maggy London, the Pattyspring dressesGingham Fit & Flare Dress | Red Heels (only $33!)| Straw Clutch | Earrings

Pick #2: “The Patti”

A quintessential spring and summer party dress, the Patti will have you feeling like a modern day Dorothy. It dishes out major vintage vibes. Best of all, it has pockets and the cutest open back! Gingham is forever classic, so you can be assured you will get serious mileage out of this piece. Additionally, the belted waist and flared skirt create such lovely curves. The icing on the cake? This beauty is machine washable! I like styling it with bold accessories, like these red heels. However, it looks equally darling with neutrals.


spring dresses - The Blake

Light Blue Sheath Dress

Spring Dresses #3: “The Blake”

The last style I want to draw your attention to is The Blake Sheath. This one surprised me the most because it has exquisite neckline detailing I didn’t really catch when browsing the Maggy London’s website. I’ve never a triple V neckline like this before… and I am swooning over it! It’s so unique. I would have loved this number for the anchor desk. The silhouette is just perfect for the workplace. The Blake has elegant cap sleeves, an exposed zipper, and a totally springy hue. Furthermore, it has seaming in all the right places. It’s a subtle detail, but has major impact! If you’re petite like me, you’ll find the seaming really has an elongating effect.

Random Mood Boosters

If swoon-worthy dresses aren’t enough to boost your spirits…

Here is a list of 5 completely random things that might make you grin!

  • Light a deliciously scented candle that smells like vacation. My personal favorites come from Tommy Bahama – pineapple cilantro takes me to Hawaii in an instant!
  • Chill your coffee and mix in a little vanilla frozen yogurt for an at-home Frappuccino. During COVID-19 we can call it breakfast, right?
  • Dance flicks/shows on Netflix (Australian show Dance Academy is simply delightful, escapist fun. Plus, it’s set near the Sydney Opera House, where we would have been living this summer had coronavirus not hit.
  • Turn up your favorite song really, REALLY loud and have a 5 minute dance party in your kitchen. This is especially fun if you have children.
  • Flip though a cook book and choose a recipe by chance. Testing something new is a great couples activity!
  • Organize your closet by color. I swear walking into a tidy, rainbow hued closet is such a mood boost.
  • While you’re organizing, shop your closet. Challenge yourself to find new ways to wear your old favorites. You might even find a piece you love you completely forgot about.
  • Take a “virtual” vacation. My hubby loves to use Google Maps to drive random roads in corners of the world we will likely never be able to visit it person. It is fascinating how much you can see, particularly in areas of the globe you might find too intimidating to visit.
  • Get in touch with your artistic side. Coloring is not just for grade school children! I find using colored pencils in an adult color book super soothing and calming.

Do you have any pick-me-ups to add to this list? Would love to hear them!

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