Spring stripes: More wearable than ever

spring stripes

As a girl who loves the classics, I’ve long had a thing for stripes.

Offering a taste of both nautical and Parisian chic, they invoke images of style icons like Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel and Brigette Bardot. Stripes are versatile, elegant and affordable.

And guess what? They work for EVERYONE. Curvy? Short? Tall? There is an option for you!

Designers are reimagining classic stripes in bold new ways this spring. So let’s put the old fashion myth deeming stripes a “no-no” to rest, once and for all! There are fantastic choices for ALL body types. The trick is identifying how the lines work with your figure.

Spring stripes for YOUR body type

spring stripes spring stripesDress | Bag | Wedges | Aviators

Best for shorter ladies

  • Vertical stripes draw the eye upward, creating a statuesque silhouette
  • Try color-blocking (items that aren’t fully striped) to avoid overpowering your petite frame
  • Look for outfits that incorporate stripes in varying directions

I cannot wait to pull out this maxi dress when warmer temperatures become the norm. Being vertically challenged (under 5′), most maxi dresses overwhelm my frame and look costume-like. These spring stripes did the opposite! The vertical stripes are incredibly elongating. I felt tall wearing this (and that is saying something!).

Ever find yourself saying, “This is so cute, but I’m too (insert adjective here) to pull it off?” I hate this way of thinking, but that was my take on jumpsuits. I thought I was far too short to wear them. This one changed my mind! It’s a great example of how a mix of stripes can really work for petites, by giving loose-fitting garments a sense of shape and definition. I fell in love with this jumpsuit because it has pockets. It’s easy-breezy and incredibly comfortable. As with a lot of my clothing, I hemmed it up 2″ to show more leg. However, it still looks quite nice in the standard length.


Jumpsuit | Red Clutch | Striped Baby Outfit

Best for Busty

  • Forget the idea that horizontal stripes make you look wider, smaller-scale horizontal stripes have a slimming effect.
  • Look for styles that define your waist, but don’t cling
  • Boat neck styles help balance out your hips and will make your waist appear tiny
  • Diagonal stripes are also great for curvy figures

Best for Boyish

  • Looking to create curves? Thick, bold stripes can add voluptuousness to any figure
  • Try a high-waist style and tuck in your shirt to create instant curves
  • Aim to have thicker stripes in the areas where you want to create volume
  • Ruffled styles, a sweetheart neckline or diagonal patterns will give the illusion of curves

Do you have a favorite striped look or styling tip? I’d love to hear about it! Please comment below.


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