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How to Style An Infinity Dress

If I told you could wear one dress dozens of different ways, you’d probably call me crazy. Now, let’s push that envelope even further… What if I told you that same one-size dress can also flatter all body types? Are we in an alternative universe? Nope, we’re simply discussing how to style an infinity dress! This dress takes adaptability to new levels and will quickly become your favorite occasion dress. 

5 Ways to Save Money on Bridesmaid Dresses

Wedding season is BACK! I want you to be honest here… How many bridesmaid dresses do you have sitting forlorn and forgotten in the bellows of your closet? We all say, “it’s so beautiful… I’ll definitely wear this again.”  But who are we kidding? We won’t. And the price tag for all those dresses? It can add up fast! So, why not do your besties a favor and keep costs down?…