How to Style An Infinity Dress

Convertible Infinity Dress - How to Style

If I told you could wear one dress dozens of different ways, you’d probably call me crazy. Now, let’s push that envelope even further… What if I told you that same one-size dress can also flatter all body types? Are we in an alternative universe? Nope, we’re simply discussing how to style an infinity dress! This dress takes adaptability to new levels and will quickly become your favorite occasion dress.¬†

What is an Infinity Dress?

One of fashion’s most versatile inventions, an infinity dress (also known as a convertible dress) is made from stretch fabrics. For example, the style I’m wearing is a super comfy, wrinkle-resisteant polyester/spandex blend. It has a skirt and two very long straps you can twist and wrap to create a host of different looks. It’s perfect for travel, special occasions, photo shoots, and bridal parties. You can even wear it as a maternity style! Click the video below for a styling tutorial.

Infinity Dress in Burgundy ($37)

One-size… How is that possible?

Are you scoffing in disbelief that it can actually be one-size? I had my doubts too, so I tested it on myself, my family members (too shy to let me photograph them), and two gal pals. We range in height and size (representing sizes 2-12). And guess what? It actually worked! Everyone woman felt beautiful in the dress. Best of all, each took a minute to figure out how to style an infinity dress, ultimately creating a look that perfectly suited her personal preferences.

Whether you prefer a halter or strapless neckline… cap or batwing sleeves… one shoulder or off-the-shoulder… open back or a criss-cross design, an infinity or convertible dress gives you the flexibility to make that happen. That’s why this option has become a g0-to bridesmaid dress! I really wish this option had been around when I got married. It feels so elegant and is something your bridesmaids could actually wear again—and in so many different ways.

how to style an infinity dressAshley in Infinity Dress - How to StyleInfinity Dress (on sale for $37)

How To Style An Infinity Dress

First up, is Ashley. The former college volleyball player is quite tall with an athletic frame. She opted for a halter, x-back style that enhances her figure while allowing this busy, high energy mom to dance the night away. Next, we have Mallory in the coral pink. She had a baby just weeks ago and loved the flowy, flattering nature of the fabric. Mallory styled her dress with a traditional v-neckline and Grecian twist. How gorgeous is that back detail?!

how to style an infinity dress - coral pinkhow to wear an infinity dress

Style Specifics 

Clearly, there is a lot to love about infinity dresses… and that includes their pricepoint! You can find infinity dresses from a variety of dependable online sellers. While there are companies that specialize in these types of styles, you will likely score the best deals on Esty or Amazon. For example, this dress is from Amazon and on sale for $37.99!

The style I’m featuring comes in 23 colors and has two sizing options: “one-size” (fits U.S sizes 0-16) and “plus” (fits U.S. sizes 18-24). You also get a tube top to allow for additional styling flexibility. The length is 47″ from waist to hem. For petites, like me, that’s quite long. However, the dress has a raw-edge design, so you can DIY the length. No complicated hemming needed! The fabric doesn’t fray when you cut it. You are able to maintain a clean edge. The fabric has a subtle sheen to it, amping up the elegance factor.

how to style an infinity dress

What Undergarments Do I Need?

This might be the most challenging part of learning how to style an infinity dress. There are certainly ways to wear an infinity dress with a traditional bra. However, many of your style options will feature a mostly open back. If you want maximum versatility, I would highly recommend a flesh-colored silicone “sticky bra” to keep “the girls” lifted and well-supported. These are available for all bust sizes.

Additionally, the soft, stretchy nature of this fabric (and the fact that this dress is a single layer) requires you to be mindful about undergarment lines. This is especially true with the lighter colorways, such as the coral pink below. I’ve tested out several n0-show underwear styles, but find shapewear gives you the best results. Invest in a pair of high-waist shapewear panties or shaper shorts for the most streamlined, flattering look. That said, in these videos/photos, I’m just wearing traditional no-show underwear.

How to style an infinity dresshow to style a convertible infinity dressInfinity Dress

Convinced yet? Seriously, I feel like convertible infinity dresses are a huge leap forward for women who crave options. Not only are they comfortable, but they also ease of use. We pack light when we travel. This dress provides multiple outfits in one garment. Moreover, it’s the kind of dress I can crumple up in a ball in my backpack for a hike, then pull out on a mountain top to create dynamic imagery… or go play in the snow.

While you can’t dry your infinity dress, it is machine washable. Just put it in a netted bag and hang/air dry.

When you first pull your dress out of the bag, you might be a bit concerned about how simple it looks. Don’t be! Yes, it will take some time to figure out how to create these different styles. However, once you get the hang of it, the sky’s the limit. In addition, to this article, there are tons of resources online with additional tutorials for infinity dresses.

Questions? Let me know in the comments below!

how to style an infinity dressHow to Style an Infinity Dress

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