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Best Amazon Prime Day Fashion Deals

Life has been super busy lately, right? Sometimes things you intended to keep tabs on—in this case, Amazon Prime Day—just creep up on you. It’s this week (Oct. 13 and 14, beginning at 3 a.m. ET). While I don’t talk about sales holidays often on the blog, the pandemic has made online shopping the norm. So, I thought a quick post about Amazon Prime Day and successful shopping strategy might be helpful.…

Prime Day: Inside Amazon’s Sales Blitz

Some call it the Super Bowl of shopping, others a “Black Friday” in July – However you spin it, Amazon Prime Day has become a significant day for retail. Isn’t it funny that a company can invent its own holiday so effectively? Amazon knows modern shoppers follow the bargains… and Prime Day is a source of major deals!

Hoping to compete, other retailers are also jumping on the bandwagon.…