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‘Target Designer Dress Collection’ A Shopping Guide

Going, going, almost gone… Have you gotten a peek at the limited-edition Target Designer Dress Collection? If not, there’s still time to shop (although pickings are a tad limited). I meant to get this post together last month, but life got a tad crazy. So, I’ll be offering some shopping tips for the “late to the party” crowd instead!

This season, the Target Designer Dress Collection features three celebrated designers: ALEXIS, Christopher John Rogers and RIXO.…

Prime Day: Inside Amazon’s Sales Blitz

Some call it the Super Bowl of shopping, others a “Black Friday” in July – However you spin it, Amazon Prime Day has become a significant day for retail. Isn’t it funny that a company can invent its own holiday so effectively? Amazon knows modern shoppers follow the bargains… and Prime Day is a source of major deals!

Hoping to compete, other retailers are also jumping on the bandwagon.…

Amazon dresses: 5 things to know BEFORE you buy

 I never imagined I would become a fan of online shopping, especially when it comes to clothing.

As a very short girl (under 5′), I’m not exactly sample size. Consequently, the fitting room is a close personal friend. I prefer to try things on multiple times before making a purchase—much to the annoyance of those I’m shopping with. Sorry, but garments that work well for the vertically challenged are tough to find!…