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High-end for less: Decor ideas from a ‘Parade’ tour

Want to see inside? Yeah, we did too!

One of my family’s favorite vacation activities is seeking decor inspiration from Parade of Homes-type tours. It is SO refreshing and energizing to see style influences from another area. In particular, we love to draw ideas from the beauty and originality of high-end homes, then translate that style into something more affordable and realistic we can use in our own rooms.…

Ingenious DIY earring holder

Have you ever gone to grab your favorite pair of earrings, only to find them buried in a twisted, tangled web?

I’m not sure “hot mess” goes quite far enough when attempting to describe the complete disarray that was my previous jewelry storage solution. I had a small silver box and tossed everything¬†inside. Fortunately, there is a better way—and you can make this beautiful earring holder yourself!…