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Spring Dresses & Random Mood Boosters

What a week… what a month! It seems life as we know it is on a permanent pause. I’m still trying to adjust to the new normal. But honestly, the slower pace of life and “safer at home” scenario feels really strange. How is your family holding up? I hope you are safe and well. Today’s post might feel a little frivolous given these uncertain times, but we all need a bit of escapist fun.…

How to travel in STYLE with Maggy London

Three people – one month – one suitcase? 

If this sounds improbable, you’re right. If it sounds impossible, think again! Yes, there were some fights over suitcase space. Sure, I missed the plethora of wardrobe options (especially shoes) I had at home. But I quickly discovered minimalist packing makes voyages much easier. You can travel without overburdening your suitcase, and you don’t need to sacrifice style to do it!

Work Dresses That WORK: My Closet Must-Haves

Trendy can be fun, but timeless is the fashion realm I prefer to live in.

Do I enjoy reading about edgy, daring looks? Sure. However, I’m really a classics girl at heart. I would rather resemble the etheral Audrey Hepburn or exude the subtle glamour of Grace Kelly, than dabble in attire that might look tired after one season. But this inclination isn’t solely about style.…