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Mom style & finding YOU again after baby

I think my mother said it best. “You seem happy,” she noted, studying my face carefully. “But the ‘sparkle’ is missing.”

Sparkle? It sounds vague, but deep down I knew what she was talking about. You see, my mother knows me better than I know myself. She picks up on the things I’d never say aloud. It’s as if she can read my internal monologue. 

Five ways to keep your style while pregnant

Let’s start with a dose of “real,” as in my real struggles to accept my changing body. I know many of you moms-to-be are loving your pregnancy curves. You’re feeling more womanly, voluptuous, amazed at your life-giving power. You should feel that way! We’re growing a human being and that is an incredible feat. I want to love my bump too, and I’m getting there, but it takes work.…