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Last Minute Gift Ideas: How Far Can You Stretch $100?

Yes, this post is about last minute gift ideas. But first… if you’re stressing over the holidays, worrying you waited to long to begin shopping, or feeling any sort of budgetary pressure, I want to start with a REALITY CHECK.

You’ve got time. You don’t need to spend a lot to show you care. In fact, in our overly scheduled world, many loved ones simply want your presence, not presents for Christmas!

How to Score the Best Deals at Carter’s

You know that involuntary gasp of… “Oh my gosh, that’s adorable” you tend to see with kids’ clothes?

There was a LOT of that going on at the Carter’s launch party at Lafayette, Indiana’s Tippecanoe Mall. Not only were moms checking out impossibly cute baby gear, they were showing off impossibly cute babies (video proof below). Seriously, I have never seen so many darling kiddos in one place!…