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Bostanten Review: Stylish Laptop Bags

It is a conundrum for professional women. You need your laptop to do your job, but can’t find an elegant bag to carry it in. While backpacks with a laptop sleeve are certainly functional, they tend to ruin the sophisticated look of a pencil skirt or suit. As a college educator who has spent the last two years lugging my computer to campus in an outfit-wrecking backpack, I wanted a better option… and found it in a brand I’ve never heard of before!…

Sarah Flint Pumps – Is the Sarah Flint Perfect Pump Actually Perfect?

When someone labels their product “perfect” my reporter brain immediately leaps into action. Call it a professional hazard, but I’m a bit of a skeptic. I like to do my homework when someone makes a huge claim – and shoe designer Sarah Flint did just that! She laid all her chips on the table, calling her Sarah Flint pumps “The Perfect Pump.”

A heel can’t actually be perfect… or can it?…