Tuesday Triple: 3 ways to style a moto jacket

how to style a moto jacket

It might be a news anchor thing, but I’m a bit obsessed with jackets. There’s nothing quite like a tailored jacket to make you feel powerful, timeless and chic. However, now that I spend most of my days off camera, I look for jackets with a bit of edge. I want staple pieces that can elevate my wardrobe by adding a touch of distinction and major versatility. Enter the moto jacket, our next Tuesday Triple item. Wondering how to style a moto jacket? You’ve come to the right place!

Our Tuesday Triple series is all about versatility. We take a look at one on-trend piece and style it three very different ways. How can we wear this item for fun, for work, for date night? If I’m spending money, I want my clothes to go the distance… and I’m guessing you might feel the same. Got a request? Let me know!

This particular moto jacket from The Girls in Grey appealed to me because it is light weight, making it the perfect layering piece. Plus, the pale grey shade goes with everything. Now, let’s get styling!

Thanks to The Girls in Grey for sponsoring this post. Their online boutique offers unique pieces in limited quantities, a great price point, AND free shipping. Best of all, it’s run by three Indiana boss babes—all of them mothers—who are making their entrepreneurial dream come true! (More on their story below)

What’s great about moto jackets?

  • They are the definition of versatility and can be paired with nearly everything in your closet.
  • Nothing goes day-to-night quite like a moto! This baby can top a basic T-shirt, blouses, even a lace dress.
  • Want to feel hip and cool? The motorcycle style and zipper detailing injects a touch of “rebellious” into any look.
  • It’s hot for Fall 2018, but timeless too. There’s a reason this style has been at the forefront for decades.


Comfy Casual 

moto jacket styling ideasthree ways to wear a moto jacketmoto jacket styling ideas

Moto Jacket | Cable-knit Sweater | OTK Boots | Burgundy Bag | Denim Skirt 

One of the best things about a moto jacket is its ability to serve as the perfect topper. I love tucking it over a chunky sweater for a relaxed and layered fall look. Turtleneck sweaters are a great way to style a moto jacket because they stand up and over the jacket collar. Don’t be afraid to let the sweater cuffs peek out under your jacket, or intentionally display them by rolling them on top. Finish your look with a casual denim skirt, over the knee boots and a great bag. I opted for burgundy to get a “fall” colors feel, but this would look equally lovely with neutral accessories.


work ready moto jacketa moto jacket 3 waysmotorcycle jacket styling ideas

Moto Jacket | Satin Ruffle Sheath Dress | Gray Suede Pumps | Teal Tassel Earrings (similar)

Dressing for work doesn’t get much easier than tossing on a sheath dress (this style is exceptionally flattering) and laying a moto on top for an unexpected look. I find the moto jacket helps tone down the formality of this dress and lends a bit of toughness to offset the ruffle. Most importantly, it will keep you cozy by providing an additional layer you can pull on and off as needed. Want to change up the look even more? Style a moto jacket by using a skinny belt to vary the silhouette and define your waistline.

Party Hearty

moto for a partyjumpsuit funmoto party look

Moto Jacket | Striped Jumpsuit 

This last look is pure fun and an example of how a moto jacket will work with even the most unexpected of combinations. The funky fall stripes of this $30 bargain jumpsuit pair so well with the slightly rebellious feel of the jacket. Best of all, your moto jacket will extend the wearability of party looks like jumpsuits, rompers or flirty dresses. Style a moto jacket this way and you’re guaranteed to stay warm, cozy and well-layered.

The Girls in GreyThe Girls in Grey

Now, let’s get back to The Girls in Grey for a minute. Imagine having a closet curated by three of your most stylish friends, who have a real knack for finding quality pieces at reasonable prices. That’s what you get with Rachel, Claire and Jessica. These beautiful ladies only carry pieces they love collectively and would wear themselves. As a result, the items you see on their website will flatter all body types.

They describe their style as boho with a bit of an edge. Be sure to check them out! I was lucky enough to meet The Girls in Grey at their home base of Indianapolis and found their personalities as warm as their cozy cardigans. They are building a business with a real sense of “community” behind it and tell me they hope to empower other women like them.

After all, doesn’t shopping feel a whole lot better when you’re supporting small business owners like that?


  1. Lindsey | 9th Oct 18

    Wow! I love each way you styled your moto jacket. It honestly looks like a completely different jacket in each look. I’m obsessed with your striped jumpsuit, that is such a fun look! Ooh, and I’ll have to check out The Girls in Grey, it sounds like they have an amazing business!

  2. Aaron A. Dennis | 15th Mar 19

    Wow! I love each way you styled your moto jacket. It honestly looks like a completely different jacket in each look. A2 Flight Jacket . Keep it up 🙂

  3. David Thomas | 18th Mar 21

    One of the best styling blog that I’ve seen with moto jackets! I just bought a vintage Harley Davidson moto jacket and i can’t wait to style it.

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