Valentine’s Day outfit ideas + creative dates that won’t break the bank

valentine's day outfit ideas

In writing this post, I have to chuckle a bit…

I’ve found my perfect Valentine’s Day outfit, but “date night” doesn’t really exist with a toddler at home! In fact, I think it’s been nearly a year since we had legitimate couple time outside the house. Can anyone relate? We’re still working up to hiring a babysitter for the first time, so I’m hoping to live vicariously through those of you who do have fun plans. I’ve rounded up affordable Valentine’s Day outfit ideas for both dressy and casual outings.

Still trying to come up with a Valentine’s Day activity?

Don’t worry I’ve got you covered there too! Before my hubby and I became homebodies, he had some very clever ideas. He always aimed to create a memorable experience. Anyone can do dinner and flowers; he was determined to do something quirky we would talk about for years. In fact, our romance has always been less about “tokens” of love (cards, flowers, gifts) and more about fun, whimsy and mutual support of each other’s practical goals/needs.

For instance, he might not get me roses (the cat would eat them anyway), but he’ll fill my gas tank in below zero weather (I don’t tolerate cold well), take the baby so I can sleep an extra hour on mornings when I have to work late, and he cooks beautiful meals for our family. It’s those little gestures of consideration that mean the most!

Valentine's Day style guideValentine's Day outfit ideasCrochet Dress | Ruffle Pumps | Cutout Detail Clutch (similar for $11)

10 memorable/quirky date options

  1. Visit an alpaca farm (our first date was on National Alpaca Farm Days, when farms invite the public for free)
  2. Invite a couple of pals over for your own version of a “Chopped” cooking challenge.
  3. Buy a few inexpensive kites and test your flight ability.
  4. Nothing says romance like ballroom! Take a dance class. (Pro tip: Check to see if your local university has a ballroom dance club. This is the most affordable way to take dance lessons).
  5. Go bouncing together at a trampoline park.
  6. Pack a picnic dinner and watch the sunset from the best view in your city.
  7. Try your hand at sushi making. It’s time consuming, but fun! There are kits available, or you can visit a specialty Asian foods grocer for ingredients.
  8. You don’t have to be a kid to go to the roller rink. Seriously, it’s way more fun as an adult!
  9. Playground games. Push each other on the swings, race across the monkey bars, etc.
  10. Be an adventurer! Take a super long walk and explore public buildings, trails, hotels etc. you’ve never seen before.

Valentine's day outfit ideas

Valentine’s Day outfit ideas

  • Ladylike Crochet

To me, there is nothing more romantic and undeniably feminine than delicate crochet. So let’s kick off our Valentine’s Day outfit ideas with this blush-colored beauty from Chicwish. I feel like a princess every time I wear it.  This a quality dress, the kind you can wear again and again… to a wedding, on a date, to the theater. The detailing and materials are so dreamy! It seems to be selling out fast, so I linked some of this company’s other amazing crochet designs below.

Never heard of Chicwish? It was new to me too! A friend recommended it and I’ve been obsessed ever since. Unlike some online international companies, Chicwish is not disposable fashion. The pieces are well made, highly unique and indie/retro-inspired. I’ve never seen such an array of crochet options… Browsing is so fun! I have 5 garments from Chicwish, including another crochet piece, and love every one of them.

  • Statement Sweaters

If your plans lean a bit more casual, you may want to spice things up with a statement sweater paired with jeans or a cute skirt. Here are a few of my favorites. Some will have you wearing your heart on your sleeve, quite literally! Best of all, they’ll remain cute all year round.

  • Ruffles and Bows

We’ll wrap up our Valentine’s Day outfit ideas with a focus on the details. Worried your outfit will feel to “themed”? You can evoke romance in a subtle way by playing with fabric, texture and trim. Ruffles and bow details ooze femininity, as does velvet. I’m crushing hard on these darling bow flats!

Need more outfit inspo? I also combed Amazon to find top-rated dresses, whether you want to be the “lady in red” or “pretty in pink!” Click on any picture to jump to the listing.

Wishing you all a happy early Valentine’s Day and lots of fun, be it with a significant other or your Galentines!

xoxo, Lindsay

  • Amazon Picks Under $40





  1. Victoria A Martin | 28th Jan 19

    Very well written article! I do love that crochet dress on you❤ If I lived near you I’d babysit!!

    • laveremis | 30th Jan 19

      I wish you did! Then again, I think you already have your hands full with babysitting. Thanks for reading. Your support means so much!

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