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At times it feels like we’re all losing our minds a bit… Do you need a work from home alternative? Is isolation driving you nuts? Are you eyeing this calming work space like a child spotting an ice cream truck on a hot summer day? Believe me, I get it! My “office” sits in my son’s playroom. With toys to the right and my printer resting on toys to the left, it’s basically a chaos sandwich. The second he sees me sit down at my computer, he will immediately ask to “help.” It’s adorable… but agitating at times. As much as I love his castle-building on my desk, I have deadlines and need to be productive. That’s where coworking spaces can help!

work from home alternativework from home alternative - what my workspace really looks like

Who does coworking work for?

Long gone are the days when coworking spaces were dominated by tech gurus and start-up wizards. Modern coworking studios, like Lafayette’s MatchBOX Studio, are beyond approachable. They are that leave-the-tie-behind casual space that really appeals to creative types. In fact, no matter what your industry or role, they offer that sense of connectedness we are all craving right now! They are…

  • sanity-saving spaces to hold meetings
  • a place to reestablish the work/life divide
  • a respite from constant interruption

work from home alternative MatchBOX Studio

If you are a remote worker without access to a traditional office space, if you keep dropping Zoom calls and need dependable internet, or if you just need to see other humans, coworking may be your ideal work from home alternative.

Perhaps Forbes puts it best…

Coworking spaces don’t just serve the needs of remote workers: they are a crucial support structure for small businesses, sole proprietors, the self-employed, and other entrepreneurs. In particular, they are a lifeline for small businesses that “operate on the periphery” of local economies. 

work from home alternative

I realize the idea of coworking during COVID-19 might seem counterintuitive. So let’s address the elephant in the room… Shared desks? Common areas? What?! Well, just like every other business, coworking studios are adapting to the pandemic. In fact, MatchBOX Studio felt incredibly safe. Not only does it offer a massive space, where it is quite possible to distance yourself from others by 20+ feet… but it also has rigorous sanitizing and disinfection procedures. Masks are required in common areas, though you are allowed to remove them when you are at your workspace or significantly socially distanced from others.

Note: I removed my mask only when alone in the space – and only for the purposes of these photos, before immediately replacing it.

work from home alternative


On a personal level, I’ve been intrigued by the idea of MatchBOX Studio for years. As a digital content creator, I don’t have a dedicated office space. MatchBOX Studio is in walking distance from my house and has the kind of creative, unique décor that speaks to my soul. Consequently, I was super excited when its team invited me to write about the space and experience.

MatchBOX Studio: A Work From Home Alternative

First, let’s dive into the nuts and bolts. MatchBOX Studio has some history. Situated at 17 South 6th Street in downtown Lafayette, it is both unassuming and invitingly artistic. Once an old car garage, it is now a quirky mash up. The stoic brick exterior belies the fun inside. Part coffee shop, part office park, part old car garage, MatchBOX makes your workplace fun! Its conference rooms were once old car repair bays. When it comes to décor… Think concrete floors, stunning art installations, eye-catching light fixtures… and yes, even a slide! And Matchbox’s slogan? That speaks to me too…

“We have a box. We’re looking for matches… people with a dream about to catch on fire. We want to make it easy for you to work, help you collaborate, and stoke the flames.”

Yup, this is precisely the open-minded space dreamers and doers are searching for!

A basic membership is $99/month and includes…

  • 24/7 access to the facility, including “hot seat” desk space
  • 30 hours of conference room usage per month
  • unlimited coffee/snacks
  • what MatchBOX calls the best wireless internet in town
  • free event access
  • maker lab access, including 3D printing/laser printing (even a sewing machine!)

If you are looking for a reserved desk, complete with locked cabinets and a secured space to call your own, the fee is $150/month while the discount lasts. Matchbox also offers days passes Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

However, in my opinion, the area where Matchbox offers the most value rests in the intangibles… That sense of camaraderie, the unspoken energy, a creative vibe so vibrant you feel empowered simply walking in the door! Moreover, as a small business owner or sole proprietor, there is a sense of security in having a space that will allow you to retain a professional demeanor in your business dealings. If you’ve ever had a toddler hijack an important Zoom call, you know what I’m talking about.

Wondering if this space will work for you?

Go ahead and give it a test run!

Use THIS LINK to purchase your $10 day pass and MatchBOX will treat you to a swag bag filled with goodies designed to help you get inspired and stay productive.

Is there anything else you’d like to learn about MatchBOX? Drop your questions below. I’m happy to share everything I’ve learned and give you a window into this creative workspace option!

Special thanks to Kelly McPhail Photography for these amazing images

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